Tuesday, February 26, 2008

இரகசிய சினேகிதிக்காக

வாழ்த்தி வழி
அனுப்பாத வலி

சேர்ந்தாயா செத்தாயா
கேக்காத சோகம்

நலமா நாசமா
விசாரிக்காத வருத்தம்

குரல்கேளா கஷ்டம்
பார்வைப்படா பஞ்சம்

அவஸ்தைகள் அனைத்தும்
பஞ்சாய் பறந்தது

எப்படி இருக்கிறாய்?
எப்பொழுது வந்தாய்?

பாவை பகர்ந்த
பரிவான வார்த்தைகளில்

இரகசிய சினேகிதிக்காக

பிறவிப் பயனையும்
பேரின்பத்தையும் பெற்றது
என் iPhone
உன் பெயர்
ஒளிர்ந்த போதும்
உன் குரல்
ஒலித்த போதும்!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Orkut Offline

With the world going flatter day by day, People in the organization are distributed across the world in different locations, at different hours yet still working in the same team, same project and same organization.

How do you bring them all together in a common network? Interactions does takes place over phone, via mail, via chat, via IM.

Well,Sure it all helps and contributes towards connecting them.

Does it all helps to bond effectively?

Does it takes us towards effective networking?

Still isn't there a missing link?

Why not a place for them, Where they can put up a profile, put up their picture, share their interests, likes, dislikes, leave a message now and then, create polls? create communities, ask them their opnions, discuss stuff.

Well, if you havent guessed I am talking about a social networking site for organizations.

Nah i am not talking about creating another me too social networking site.

How about customizing the available social networking sites available for the organizations on their intranet?

Organizations can have their very own mail servers, can have their very own wiki's, can even have windows messenger customized for them, can have their very own blogs.

Aren't there softwares and tools which are readily available for them to build all these? Wordpress offers blogging software. Microsoft offers mail services and IM services. Lots of wiki available on the net.

Why not a software/tool where some one can build their very own social networking site meant for an organization?

May be google will offer orkut offline while Microsoft daydreams about mindshare by acquiring yahoo!

I have never used facebook. I use orkut just to keep in touch with buddies.

Zen Of Zeno

Leader's aren't Born, They are Made.
So are the Bad Workers, They are made!