Friday, September 09, 2011

Amazing Airtel

Yeah, it was me the word AMAZING in front of Airtel. I am neither stoned nor my account has been hacked.

Last week sometime, just like that my broadband stopped working. Even the Phone went dead. I was not sure how to call the customer. Some good soul suggested call 121.

Calling 121 from your mobile takes you to the mobile complaint center but not to the broadband center.

Surprisingly when called 121, rather than giving me the above sermon, he just gave me 044 44444198 to call and press 1 2 3 to reach the customer care directly.

Again the customer care guy was so prompt, gave me the ticket number and the resolution time. He was even frank enough to say, the executive will come only by ten and not earlier.

The very next day even before i ran out of patience the service executive called me, asked me for the landmark and came in no time.

Fixed it quick, tested and went back. As luck would have it, as soon as he was gone, the broadband alone stopped working.

When i called the exchange directly, rather than the customer care, they were kind enough to accomadate me and fixed it back quick,again. Very well, he could have asked me to raise or reopen a ticket or could have given me lame excuses.

It was amazing customer service, I would say.

May be the Airtel had gotten its act together still there is something that deserves our attention.

It is not the CEO, it is not the grandiose vision and values that lies in the decorated plaques in offices. It is not the million dollar marketing campaign. It is the guy at the bottom of the pyramid, who interacts with the customer directly day in day out makes all the difference to brand, adds value, leads to the customer satisfaction, sustains the very survival of the company.

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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Go Government Go Green

Either some Ramamirtham has definitely taken a peek at this post by Ramesh or they have learnt a thing or two from their foreign trips.Corporate or non-corporate, there are gonna be many jholna bags or sacks carried around by Rajalakshmi's.

Yeah, it's official in Chennai.

Effective from Sep 1,As per the Govt Directive,For each and every plastic bag you use and depending on the size of it, you have to pay either Re.1/3/5.

Well, yours truly ended up paying Re.1

On hindsight, I could have stuffed few things in my pocket and walked around carrying an AXE in my hand. I just did not want to risk the axe effect to take effect attracting attention from onlookers other than the PYT.

The words Rajalakshmi and Ramamirtham were coined by Ramesh and he rightfully owns the copyright to them.

Just Business! Really?

"It's just business, nothing personal"
Thanks to the movie, "The Godfather". It has been uttered several million times by several people on several occasions.

Is there any truth to it?
Do people really mean it?
Can it be just business and nothing personal?

Why do you even go to office? To get a pay cheque at the end of month. Isn't this personal? Where is the just business thing in it?
It's not just you. For everyone, it's just personal business. 

How can one be successful or good at what they do with out being passionate about what they do? Isn't being passionate a personal thing?

How can one be a successful salesman, if he is not personally convinced with what he sells?
How can one be a successful CEO, if he does not personally believes in the company?

Well, guess what? It does not only apply to business world or petty causes even to greater societal national causes.

Ever wonder how India got it's independence from the British raj?
Do you think going all gung-ho against the establishment which threw you out of a train from the first class despite having a valid ticket was just business and nothing personal?