Sunday, August 21, 2011

My Writings

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Steve Jobs Biography

The weekly column in tamil paper covering the life of Steve Jobs. To the best of my knowledge, it is the first in Tamil to cover Steve Jobs.

Article in

Article in Paulwriter

What will happen to Apple next?

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Ramesh said...

Aahaa. The ones from the archives of Dinamani are priceless. A young zeno in full flow. Didn't know you started writing so young.

And didn't know you are an illustrious son of Krishnagiri.

The Tamil paper writings are more familiar. Keep going - you really write very well in Tamil.

Venkat.. said...

read few of your articles before, very informative and intersting.

zeno said...


Ah, still I am young. I should have guessed all this will reveal my real age :)

I thought some time back, I told you when I visit home should visit Blore and catch up with you.

Not being so keen on writing and not focusing on it is one of my biggest concern/regret, considering i started writing long long ago!

Thanks a lot. will try to keep it up.

Venkat.. said...

Whatz your view on steve jobs resignation and amazon's cloud reader?

zeno said...

@Venkat, Sorry for the delayed response. I thought will respond with the post but it is getting delayed! :(
Amazon cloud readers no idea :( But will get there. :)

SJ's resignation: Give me some more time, A post for sure before Wednesday night :)

Venkat.. said...

take time so that you can write with more analyzed information.

Ravi said...

Having following ur blog for some time, but just came 3 know ur from Krishnagiri..

Hmmm good..

zeno said...

@Ravi Thanks for following up and glad that you feel it is good :) Please do keep following :)