Tuesday, July 29, 2008

சில நேரங்களில் சில மேனேஜர்கள்

ஆடு எப்பொழுதும்
வெட்டுபவனை தான் நம்பும்.
சில(பல) நேரங்களில் சில(பல) Managerகளும் அப்படித்தான்
வெட்டுபவனையும் வெட்டிகளையும் தான் நம்புவார்கள்
ஆடுகளை போல!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

காணாமல் போன காலம்


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

இரகசிய சினேகிதிக்காக

நாள் நகர மறுக்கிறது
சவாரியில்லா Beachகுதிரையை போல
உன்னை சந்திக்காமலும் பேசாமலும்!

This was inspired/edited version due to an offline comment for the previous posts.
The commentator wants to remain anonymous!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Annoying Airtel

Airtel, One of the largest communication company in India. Agreed, Still I wonder why these people never get certain basic things right. (Nah I am not talking about the IVR Interactive voice response system, poor customer service, Billing Issues, I shall post about them later, when i could think rationally rather than carried away by emotion. My blood begins to boil, when i think about them.)

  1. They don't have a contact email id, in their contact us page. (or for that matter, anywhere in their website in an easily accessible manner.)
  2. They could specify in home page, which browser and the resolution suits well for their website. (Say Best viewed in IE 6.0 and 800X600 resolution) Especially their pop ups.
  3. The online registration. You should specify a username and your mobile number in the initial registration form. You will get a password. You should login. There you will get another registration form with other questions. Only then you would be successful. I really wonder why this two step process. Is it to ensure that the person has a valid airtel connection? Can't they ensure from their database is it a valid number, eligible for online registration. Why can't they welcome the customer with one single registration page?
  4. Above all, Does at least the second registration post is fine with out bugs,The drop down menu for day in the date of birth is not working properly.
By the way have you ever tried , where you reach when you enter airtel.com

All this bugs/errors at the time of the blog post.
Being a software tester by profession, i wonder who the hell would be their technical service partner and how they could have signed off the User acceptance test. Damn the airtel CIO! :)

இரகசிய சினேகிதிக்காக


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Getting Groomed to Be a Manager-The Dilbert Way

Ever wanted to know how to switch lanes from a techie to Management guy?
What does it takes be there on the top?
Dilbert shows the way!
Should You have an MBA? Nope! Forget the MBA
See how the Transformation
What exactly does your manager look in you as a Quality of a manager?
A classic case study on How a manager acts! during crisis.
UPDATE: And what happens when a manager acts humanely? I would call this one as the fitting finale!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

நிறைந்தும் நிறையாமலும்

நீண்ட நேரம்

குழாய் திறந்திருந்தும்

நிறையவில்லை வாளி

ஓரமாய் ஓட்டை

Company பல தாவியும்

Onsite சில சென்றும்

பற்றாகுறை Budget

மனமெங்கும் ஓட்டடையோ!