Sunday, December 26, 2010

An Apple fan on the Android-IV

To give the devil, its due credit, In spite of my rantings here, it is definitely a value for money.  What you pay is what  you get.

Thought it is a rebranded mobile, Micromax could have upgraded to version 2.2 which was available rather the 2.1

Micromax can think of  opening up exclusive showrooms rather than relying on the other retailers. Oh also please make sure it is widely available when you advertise all over the net in all over the sites. [Not making this widely available, is it part of your strategy to help customers to write a good story for the "my first android" contest] Not to mention the accessories which definitely do form a big market. If in doubt check in ritchie street and in ranganathan street of t.nagar.

Word of caution to manufacturers: Limitations of the Android could be perceived as the limitation of the mobile and hence discredit your brand.

On a pure number game perspective, I am very sure the Android will surpass the Apple iOS. Too many manufacturers. Plenty of applications to overcome the limitations of Android.  Possibly it could be the history getting repeated all over again. Apple creates the PC market has the first mover advantage, enjoys monopoly for a while until Microsoft licences a crappy version to all the PC manufacturers and Windows becomes a necessary evil  Apple again recreates the child like wonder and Google licences the OS to all he mobile manufacturers.

This also demonstrates and makes sense to the Apple's claim, they would want to own the whole cycle to give a superior user experience. They even manufacture their own chips and wont even let you touch the battery, all for the sake of our goodness.

Apple's iPhone is like your Mom food. You have nothing to worry about.
Android phones are like your very own cooking or may be your girl friends cooking. You are at your own risk.

P.S This is what happens when i sleep all day saturday :) Flurry of blog posts!

An Apple fan on the Android-III

Touch Calibration was little difficult.
Touch is still sticky thanks to the resistive display.[Little consolation, I knew this when I bought it]
If you are feeling happy/wondering that there are no messages[Or frequent forwards] Thank this mobile.

Lousy User Interface, Deep Steep learning curve.
Even had trouble figuring out, how to pick the call. You have to drag the Green/Red Display to the other end rather than just touch the button. One way It helps to show off my ring tone as I cannot quickly pick the call.

Default Messaging client was awkward and did not let me forward a message to more than ten people at a time.Stores the messages as conversations as in Gmail.[Which i don't like even in Gmail]
Replaced the default client with Handcent SMS, which has a cool UI. For some strange reasons started showing the contacts twice. Manually deleted the dual entries and only one entry would show up in the messaging window. Whereas more than few contacts did not show up while making or receiving calls.

After two days, All of a sudden the music player stopped playing music whereas video player was good. Replacing the music player did not help. Deletion of all songs and recopying helped.

Installed Opera, rather than the regular browser, which i dont use to browse. I still use my iTouch for quick browsing.

In the beginning battery was getting drained up like anything and needed frequent recharge like every few hours. Thanks to USB charger. Luckily one fine day, forgot the USB connector and drained it completely and subsequent recharge later, now it holds for more than a day. Still not sure is it because of the complete drain or the Advanced Task Killer application using which I kill applications every now and then which is helping me with long battery life.

Say, you open a browser, then a sticky notes , then play sudoku then listen music while you message, All applications would still be running consuming your battery. When you check what is  consuming your battery and add up the percentages it would be 101% No, I am not kidding. 

If you ask me, how did I install all the applications, remember it supports wi-fi. I was trying to connect to wi-fi and it would say acquiring IP address and was acquiring it forever. Queried the google and found lots of forums dedicated to wi-fi issue on the 2.1 Eclair and was blaming myself for overlooking this. Again thanks to my ever patient friend who corrected me a day later, I was trying to connect to wi-fi with wrong credentials. An application should spit at me telling I am giving wrong credentials right at the beginning rather than going ahead and trying to acquire the IP. [oh i believed my friend only after iTouch spat at me for the wrong password]

Also had(ving) a tough time in buying accessories like scratch pad and mobile cover. Pain of a first generation user.

Is there anything that i like in this mobile?I loved the security of  a pattern to unlock the mobile rather than a PIN number or a button. [Of course after a struggle in setting and still struggling now and then to unlock it when i need it the most]

The most beneficial use is, I no more carry my iTouch  and its charger, and the pen drive to office.

Still why am i having this phone?  I have started thinking this to be my lucky charm as it had brought some most awaited good news(two in fact) the day after i bought the phone.

Still this saga is not over....

Previous Posts

An Apple fan on the Android-II

Literally, I called each and every mobile retailer in Chennai, Personally visited each and every shop drenched in a drizzle. [Thanks to my ever patient friend who puts up with me]. Not to mention going around the Usman Road thrice as though it was a holy shrine.It took more than few days and an early leave from office to get that mobile.Also did a word of mouth marketing to a potential customer who also used mine as a demo piece before he bought it.

When you hand over a new toy to the kid, it gets too engrossed in it and forgets the whole world around it. This kid got engrossed in the gadget a way too much and realized that he has lost(misplaced) the accessories a little late after some two hours. I wanted to load up few songs and was searching for the data cable, When I found, it was not there, assumed the accessory bag was with my friend and started transferring the songs using blue tooth patting myself for testing the blue tooth as well as applying thought!

Thanks to my good memory which helped to confirm that i had left it in the medical shop that we visited which is next to the mobile shop. Oh did i mention that, I did call the mobile shop who rudely responded, No accessories were left.

For all those, who ask for the real user experience and little tech review, Stay tuned....

An Apple fan on the Android-I

Me: Hey, I am thinking to buy a new mobile
Google: Just thinking right, I am wondering when will you stop thinking and act upon it.
Me: No, This time I am quite serious.
Google: Hmm. Too bad, No more I can't return your name for the search query, who has the most antique mobile of the the world. So what do you have in mind?
Me: You know, most robust key pad.
Google: Hmmm, They are yet to invent the key pad that could withstand your pounding. Better go for Touch.
Me: It should play music, more especially support MP3 Ringtones.
Google: No big deal, what next? Games?
Me: Come on, you know i dont play any games except for sudoku and mine sweeper.
Google: Yeah, you are also one odd guy who don't even know how to play card games.
Me: Also I should be able to have sticky notes, make notes, calendar and sync up with my PC, also would be glad to have wi-fi. Also a Camera please...
Google: So you want a smart phone huh.
Me:  he he yeah.
Google: What is your price range?
Me: How about less than 10K?
Google: Thank God, you dint ask for less than 5K. Or worse why don't you ask Santa rather than asking me?
Me: Can I ?
Google: By the way, Is it okie, if it supports 3G ,has dual SIM free 2 GB memory card with support extended to 32K.
Me:  I know the way to Ritchie street. Can we get back to business?
Google: No I am dead serious, Please check it here
Me: Can i trust this new product? Don't want to end up as a guinea pig.
Google: Don't worry, they are just reselling the ZTE penguin rebranded.

Me:Seems it is has been launched only yesterday? Where can i get it?
Google: Sadly No where but only here. That too only in their T. nagar branch.


Saturday, December 25, 2010

இடியான பதிலடி

இது இவளைப்போல்
அது அவளைப்போல்
என்ற என்
புகழுரைக்கு பதிலுரைத்தாள்
என்னில் அவர்களைக் கண்டாய்
அவர்களில் என்னைக் கண்டாயா?

வஞ்சியின் வசவு

வரைமுறையின்றி வசவு
பேசுவது பிடிக்கவில்லையென்றவள்
வசைமொழி பாடினாள்

Monday, December 20, 2010

Show e'm who is the BOSS!

Person(s) who every day makes you report to work
makes you to come early
makes you to leave late

sometimes test your patience
sometimes even drive you crazy
sometimes(only) the nightmare who spoils your sleep

always keeps you on your toes
brings out the best(and even the worst) in you!

Dedicated to few innocent folks who think I am their boss :) :P

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

தண்டமான தங்கத் தனயன்

அடிப்பாவி அடிப்பாதகி
தாய்ச்சொல்லைத் தட்டா
தண்டமெனத் திட்டு

நீயாகப் பெண்
பார்த்திருந்தாலும் பரவாயில்லையென
எப்படிச் சொல்வேன்
நான் பார்த்தவள்
எனைப் பார்க்கவிலையென!

Thursday, December 02, 2010

கண்ணே கலைமானே