Friday, August 24, 2007

10 Reasons, Why You and I should Learn Cooking!

Right from your childhood, your mom had insisted that you should learn cooking.You are just being a good son fulfilling her desire.

You can get interested to learn cooking.(just like you get interested in salasa dancing).You can have cooking as a new hobby, new habit, just like blogging.

8) Blogging
You could post blogs about "my experiments with cooking". If at all you become a good cook, you could post blogs with recipes.

7)Ultra Modern Girls
Nowadays even girls don't know cooking. You might end up with a girl, who might say,
Darling, let's hire a cook.
The only thing that i am good at making is hot water.
Hungry Kya, Try Hunger HelP line
Kitchen and cooking are the words that are not in my dictionary.

6)Modern Girls
Nowadays most of the wifes are working women. Guys being educated and modern do not have any moral rights do dump all the housekeeping, house cleaning as well as cooking all on the wife. (Just like we pass on the work to colleagues, you know even she is working and does the same in office) It is fair enough for the guys to share the job of cooking.

5)Ideal Husband
If you wanna boast, "I can cook better than my wife". If you are a guy who is looking for a compliment from your girl, "It's him who cooks most of the times" "oh is the food good, he he , i din't cook it. It was him who made it."

4)Onsite Trip
During your short term onsite trip,If you had been assigned pre and post cooking jobs, since you don't know cooking. (thou shall not read the "pre and post cooking jobs" as allakai velai)

3)Cooking Maid
If at all you had a complaing maid, sorry cooking maid, who had been always bugging you for groceries that were not available in the shelf, worse even in the market,left claiming that vessels had been cleaned,(fifty bucks if you can unravel the mystery, how the dishwashing powder vanishes even without being used), who always made sure you gave a helping hand while cooking while cooking, on top of it points your help as the root cause for the poor taste of food.

2)Your Manager
Whao, man you are talented, what a thinking!, how did you get this job done? Sure, this is not a place meant for you. you deserve much more.(all in a sarcasric manner) Well now you know your days in the job are being numbered and it is high time you start finding another job.
Rather, you get ****** up with your work, the entire IT industry, you are looking for a career change.
In either cases, you can be an entrepreneur and start a cuisine. or at least an helping hand to the maid you fired earlier

Damn all the above reasons. Let me give you the real reason straight.
If you had been eating at hygeniec hotels who make food at kitchens similar to medicine manufacturing factories and office canteens which makes you to actually eat the medicines,Better learn cooking, right now.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Chinna Chinna Asai!

chinna chinna asai sillarai medhu asai
muthu muthu asai moodi vaikatha asai

vimanam eri landing parka asai
onnoru murai onsite senru vara asai

(chinna chinna asai sillarai medhu asai)

subwayil sandwich sappida asai
starbucksil coffee kudikka asai
mcdonaldsil french fries sappida asai
taco cabana vilum chipotle vilum oru kattu katta asai
walmart ai vangi vida asai

(chinna chinna asai sillarai medhu asai)

frys electronics aiyum mothamai vanga asai
kattalagikalai kandu kalikka asai
paniyil urundu velayada asai
thaniyai vegamagai ice skating seiya asai
nayagara,nasa,disneyland ellam sutri parka asai

(chinna chinna asai sillarai medhu asai)

See the original lyrics

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

இரகசிய சினேகிதிக்காக

அலுப்பான அலுவல்
அலைக்கழிக்கும் அதிகாரம்
ஆக்கப்போரான அக்கம்பக்கம்
ஆனாலும் அலுவலகத்தில்
Attendance-காக அல்ல

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Expert Author @

Well,If you are wondering, "what is the new button at the top of page?" Let me share the good news with you all.

I did submit the Google Brand Post to
Yeah,the same article that was commented by Mark M, the co-author of the book,"The Google Story"

They have accepted the article, and will be added in their directory.
More over, they have given me the so called "Expert Author Status" Hence the Special Button.

See My article on

To see my name as expert here and here.

To know more about

Hoping to blog more good posts.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

இரகசிய சினேகிதிக்காக


Wednesday, August 08, 2007

இரகசிய சினேகிதிக்காக

விருந்தும் மருந்தும்
மூன்று நாட்களாம்
நம் உறவும் ஊடலும்
கூட மூன்று நாட்கள்தான்!

இரகசிய சினேகிதிக்காக

அரக்கன் என்றாள்
ஆத்திரக்காரன் என்றாள்
இளிச்வாயன் என்றாள்
ஈனபுத்திக்காரன் என்றாள்

கேள்விப்பட்டவர்கள் கேட்டார்கள்
எவ அவ?

Sunday, August 05, 2007

இரகசிய சினேகிதிக்காக

broadband connection
windows messenger
yahoo messenger

இவை அனைத்தையும்
தாண்டி blackberry mobile
அதில் full balance

எல்லாம் இருந்தும்
என்ன பயன்?

பேச விருப்பமுள்ள
மனம் இல்லாமல்!

இரகசிய சினேகிதிக்காக

என் ஒரு cell-ல்
இல்லைதான் உன் பெயர்

என் ஒவ்வொரு cell-லிலும்
இருக்கிறது உன் உயிர்

Zen of Others

“Advertising may be described as the science of arresting the human intelligence long enough to get money from it.”
-Stephen leacock

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

இரகசிய சினேகிதிக்காக

ஆசைகள் நிராசையாகலாம்
அயர்ந்துவிட மாட்டேன்

கனவுகள் கலையலாம்
கலங்கிவிட மாட்டேன்

விருப்பங்கள் வீணாகலாம்
உடைந்துவிட மாட்டேன்

தோல்விகள் தாக்கலாம்
துளாகிவிட மாட்டேன்

பார்ப்பேன் ஒருகை
மற்றொரு கையில்

அவள் கை

இரகசிய சினேகிதிக்காக(அல்ல)

ஆசைகள் நிராசையாகலாம்
அயர்ந்து போய் விடாதே

கனவுகள் கலையலாம்
கலங்கி போய் விடாதே

விருப்பங்கள் வீணாகலாம்
உடைந்து போய் விடாதே

தோல்விகள் தாக்கலாம்
துளாகி போய் விடாதே

ஒருகை பார்க்கலாம்
நம்பிக்கை இருந்தால்!