Sunday, November 17, 2013

2 Cents to Google Jobs!

UPDATE: No Kidding, Most of things that I suggested, has been implemented!!
May be, they can let me edit the application, after I have submitted, provided still the recruiter has not seen it.
Also, real time update on the application status could be provided. It would be more like how a bug is being tracked.
I am about to graduate.

I am searching for jobs and have been applying to companies online.

As a IT dude and a guy who always looks at making things the better way (read simple, logical and elegant)

one thing that puts me off is the way many companies have their online job application portal!

Most of the so called 'companies' which claim to help others seriously need some help

With others, I was fine, but even Google!

For each and every job, you are interested you have to apply individually.

You have to fill your name, mail id, work exp, cover letter and upload resume all over again and again.

Irrespective of the job, I apply, I get the same boiler plate response.

After each application,  I am being asked to give the feedback (how many times do you want it huh)

(oh you can upload information in Google+ and can download information from there! #Nice Self Plug btw)

Instead, why not upload one resume once, grab all the information from resume, fill the relevant information automatically,ask for the information that is still missing (if necessary) and create a job applicant profile once for all.

Later, let people to apply to as many positions in as many locations as they want (well if necessary restrict it)

Creating the profile also helps to match with minimum requirements of the job (at least in terms of years of experience and relevant experience) and only if there is a match, send a notification to the recruiter.

Can't Google build an intelligent resume screener mimicking human behavior or what?

May be if the resumes are collected and profiled properly, they could also give linkedin a run for their money.
Think about it, you collect all the resumes, ask people can it be shown to others, let other companies search the resumes using Google Search.

I think i could make a living out of fixing the online job application portal of all these companies ;)