Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ideal Interview

  1. What is your Name?
  2. How much do you expect?
  3. When can you join us?
The only three questions that I would like to be asked in a Job interview!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Global Village

To know what is globalization and it's effect, the best book is "The world is flat" Thomas Friedman.
If you are looking for a much more crispier one, it is here .[Both in my humble opinion]

Thanks to the lots of factors mentioned in the book, I am lucky enough to be a global citizen of this global village.

Once when I went out for a lunch to a Japanese restaruant with a vietnamese guy along with an indian and a desi american[Green Card Holding NRI] in US of the A.

The vietnamese guy who was eating the rice with chop sticks asked me, "How do you people eat rice with fingers?"

Until last friday, I was thinking, the above conversation holds the top rank in my globalization experience until I happen to over hear the following conversation.

An European counterpart asked an Indian Counterpart, " How is your wife doing?" Indian replied, and asked back, "How is your Dog?"