Monday, May 16, 2011

Skype Scribbled

The moment, I saw Skype was acquired by Microsoft, just couldn't believe it. I was wondering why would they even do it.
The more i read about it, I was eager to write out an article and send it here
As usual, my usual laziness, sleep and lame reasons like work load helped towards procrastinating the wrap up of the article. [In spite of having the hints, notes all dusted up]
Even was wondering, is my itouch jinxed? [Few other articles for which i made notes for on that itouch never saw the print!]
Finally reading this amplified my guilt. This comment really did inspire me to finish up the article.
This page is due to the above mentioned folks :) Thanks a ton :)


RamMmm said...

Good analysis. I am stumped that about $8.5bn which seems to be too much. MS does have some very decent voice/collaboration tools for enterprise (Microsoft Lync)

திடீர்னு சொந்த பேர்ல எழுத ஆரம்பிச்சுட்டீங்க. Good Good. :D

Ramesh said...

Very nice. You are becoming an accomplished journalist. Perfect time to write in your own name.

zeno said...

8.5 is way too much, but i mentioned in Ramesh's blog it was for the IP they are buying as well as based on some documents that were already available for IPO. IPO was expected to fetch in some where around $7 bn, so to beat it MS had no choice.

Ah, I was thinking to mention Lync explicitly but some how had missed it.
Lync is more like Skype and all the more reason to buy it.

if i understand the above article, Skype was as good as Lync, then companies could have opted for Skype. This makes much more sense for MS to buy Skype and in a way even justifies the price. Like a typical MS, they just killed the competition by buying it off.

zeno said...

@Ram & @Ramesh

எழுதுவது மட்டுமே என் பணி. பேர் போடுவது எல்லாம் பாராவின் பணி.

The above article is the first one with my own name. :)

BTW #1. Pen name is also my very own name. No?

#2. Rose, called by any name smells like rose. Rose is a rose is a rose. Why worry?

RamMmm said...

Lync is far more than Skype inside an enterprise. The amount of integration with existing PBXs/voice systems is very good. The article does capture that. The quality is as good as Skype, if not better. I take my audio conferences over Lync. Maybe it was for the distributed nature of call management in Skype that MS was interested in them. Lync (as I understand it) is more centralized. The best use I can see for Skype at Microsoft is as the folks see it; for integration into gaming platforms and for multi-player interactive gaming which are heavily distributed in nature.

On the naming:
#1/#2 - Definitely. Agree-o-agree. No doubt about it. But how would one relate Appu=Pradeep or vice-versa? I also write under a pseudonym 'Appu'ன்னு நீங்களும் எங்கயும் சொல்லலை. பாரா பிரதீப் குமார்ன்னு போட்டுட்டார், "அப்பு (எ) பிரதீப்குமார்"ன்னு link பண்ணலை. I thought the WillKat story had Appu originally when I read it. :-) Maybe அது பிரமையோ. :-D

Venkat said...
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