Monday, August 02, 2010

Want WMD! Wanna Annhilate!

Once there was a famed fearless warrior[well, still he is] who was dedicated to nothing but his mission.
Most of the time the pursuit of his mission would be on the top of his mind.
He was well trained that he can quickly slip in to the mission within minutes.
He loved the mission to a great extent he would linger and live with the effects of mission even after he returned from it. He could never just get enough of it.

He always responded to the call of the mission unhindered by the trivial stuff like meeting and training.

Though adverse environmental conditions hardly mattered to him to pursue his mission,Off late, his mission is in big time TROUBLE!The mighty warrior cannot do justice to his mission and be focussed on it as he used to be.

Day in, Day out it has become a never ending struggle to destroy his enemies and all known strategies to mankind have failed. Sometimes he even wonders, "Is it because they are females, that he can't win them over completely?" His enemies are a perfect testimonial to the modern day context of mighty and gigantic Goalith falling to the small sling of David. His epic battle with his enemies is of such magnitude that he thinks he would have beaten this record hands down[or together]!

They outnumber him in large numbers and he is desperate enough to start the search for WMD[Weapons of Mass Destruction] in Iraq[or for that matter in any damned part of the world] to annhilate his enemies completely putting an end to their existence,who have been habitating this earth for some 95 million years!