Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Off late, I have been watching snippets of the sitcom, FRIENDS again and again.
Well,  I have a lot of time to kill and nothing worth while to do. (sarcasm intended)
Seriously,  I can watch FRIENDS again and again. It is funny and not at all boring.
This also set me thinking what are the types of friends we (and i have observed) have in general!

No matter what, They are there for you. Good times bad times ugly times. They always stand by you. Rock solid support.

They care for you. Watch out for you. Give you the bitter medicine to make you well.  Kick you up when necessary.They guide you to greatness.

I am lucky that I had friends mentioned as above. I have also been unlucky to have/seen the following fake friends types too!

Parasitic Takers: They hang out with you always expecting something out of you. They are the needy types wanting one thing or the other, never giving back anything in return.

Backstabbers: They are being friends with you only to screw you back at the most inappropriate time.

There is one more type which is actually worse and one should turn these fake friends in to enemies ASAP. They dont do any of the above mentioned either good or bad things. Even if you are in the wrong path, they neither cheer you nor steer you. They happily tag along, eventually ruining themselves along with your downfall.  The sad thing is many people never recognize these types of people. People wrongly assume they fall in to the first type of being there for you always.
Lets pray for the souls of people who have these types of friends!

Wait a minute! Does friendship needs such pyscho analysis? Isn't friendship comradeship, companionship, fun, unconditional etc etc? Well, what about the following sayings. "Show me your friend, i will tell about you." "You are nothing but an average of five friends of yours"

Our friends are reflection of ourselves, our character, our attitudes, our choices, our aspirations. Be wise in choosing them!

This was due on friendship day. My laziness took over me. You know about my friends by now ;)
The parasitic reference was an inspiration due to a recent intellectual chat! ;)
Another inspiration was a wisdom from another friend:"The person should make your life better and add value" yeah, you know it's you ;)
What the heck is wrong with me? why such philosophical posts? well MBA is making me realize that it is all about people, soft skills, fine tuning your instincts yada yada.


Friday, August 02, 2013

The Difficult part!

Sometimes you are confronted by problems with out any apparent solutions. [Well, one can argue, if there is no  solution and nothing to solve then it is not a problem at all].
Sometimes you do know the solution but execution is not simpler [As one of my friend recently quoted, real life is not like solving cases in class or in paper]
Sometimes the problem is not worth solving at all!
Sometimes you have bigger problems to solve!

No matter, what state of above mentioned probem you are in, Logical approach in analyzing the hard empirical evidence and data will always tell you what needs to be done.

The difficult part is actually following the logic against your gut feeling!