Friday, January 18, 2008

Thou Shall Not be Perfect

In last year Macworld Expo, Apple announced i phone.In this year's Macworld expo inspite of having announced a light weight laptop, trying to revolutionize movie industry just like they did for music industry, still people dont give a damn to it.It's stock fell by six percent.

Once you become perfect, people stop noticing your perfectness and you get noticed only for your imperfectness.

Say you come well dressed everyday nobody gives a damn , once when you come shabby everybody notices.
At the same time you come shabby all time and you come well dressed people notice, give you a compliment. your effort gets noticed.

As the quality of things go up, expectations rise up which are so hard to meet.(Most of the times Never met)

To be Perfect is not somethin to be proud of!

Rather than striving for perfection, Be scared about being perfect :)

This post was inspired by the following link from seth godin' s post


sidd said...
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zeno said...

I don't have sufficient data or any other comparison reg the general slide. still i will take your word for it. But what do you say about apple's customer unfriendly practices? charging 20 dollars for s/w upgrade for instance

sidd said...

Always the index of comparison need not be self. AAPL has outperformed S&P500 by 45%. Moreover recession fears were looming at the time u had written the blog. A general slide was observed in most of the stocks. I donot think its a punishment for being perfect.

Secondly, when someone comes dressed nicely everyday everyone assumes that the particular task is well under the capability of the person. However, one needs to understand that its the same task the person is trying to repeat the next day. However, apple releasing a new phone or a computer is different. Both are different products and are sold to different people. Whether they would be as successful as predicted in a situation not conducive for consumerism is a different question. I am particularly not comfortable with the example cited here and the comparison the author is trying to draw out of it.

Now, in the fedex case the author talks about the same event of delivering the message and rrestaurant services are the same. So whats different is interesting. It becomes word of mouth.

sidd said...

s/w upgrades come at a charge to apple itself. Somewhere or the other it gets to the consumers. Comeon who bothers abt a 20$ update if u can get the phone for 400$ and not to mention >70$ dataplan for it monthly

zeno said...

i am talking about the s/w upgrade for itouch.say if a person buys a day earlier before the release he does not gets the software. but if he buys the next day he gets that software at the same price, with out the extra cost.dont u think that is an injustice to the customer!

zeno said...

well the point, is what fedex does to post is what the apple does to computers? why should they be so different? or i wonder why do they differ?
again what dressing is for the people is what it is for the companies to come up with something conducive to consumerism?
Doesn't apple rides on the word of mouth phenomena?