Saturday, March 27, 2010

Patting(Kicking) Myself

Every now and then, the dormant management consultant in me who is awaiting to be unleashed , awakes from the slumber, shows his face for a fraction of second and dozes off again.

Once upon a time long long ago, he woke up and wrote a piece here and as usual dozed off, even without noticing that he really did get noticed.

May be the recession is away and it is time to start something like this again, But with all this things happening, we cannot  expect something like this from them! Well any other media house can do something like this, and nobody can stop it. After all it is a concept that is not patented!


Ramesh said...

Congratulations zeno - your consulting advice has been published . Wow !!!

Now, you should ask the consultant in you to wake up more often and perhaps post once in a while !!

RamMmm said...

:) Position, position and position :)

Then you are noticed.

zeno said...

@Ramesh, this had happened a year back and i just happened to come across this some two weeks back when i was doin some other random search.

@Ram yep it is always about source rather than substance. Hope I haven't learnt this lesson too late!

RamMmm said...

That was a loaded triple "position" that I indicated. :-)

Position-Positioning yourself as one who gives ideas. If you position yourself as a joker, you will only have your ideas to be considered a joke even if they are good. Right seriousness works.

Position-The right position to shunt your ideas into. Giving it to a manager who doesn't even comment on it and puts it in junk is no way of looking at it. The right folks need to look at it.

Position-The position that you refer to. The source and the qualifications that hold it.

zeno said...

I never knew you are a zen master ;)
on a serious note,i never knew i was positioning myself as joker!

reaching the right folks itself is a diff task and they dont take us seriously unless the third position is taken care!

May be i should reinvent or rebrand myself