Monday, April 19, 2010

An Announcement

Dear Mom, Dad and Sis,

Respected, Current, Present and Past Managers,

Beloved Colleagues, near and dear friends, well wishers and unwell wishers,

Right from now, you could shout at me, swear with obsceneties, scold me like anything. I give you complete liberty on it. I would hear each and every word of it and will hang to them like I will hang on to my last breath.  I promise you.

My ears and heart can withstand all of them. I have become thick skinned i.e thick earred.

Yeah, I did hear all songs of suraa, when i can listen to it, why not your shoutings, swearings and scoldings?

எவ்வளவோ கேட்டுட்டோம், இதைக் கேட்க மாட்டோமா?


RamMmm said...

For all your Vijay baiting, one day, the 'auto' will stand before you. :-D

zeno said...

Did you happen to see idlyvadai. this is nothing compared to that.
on a serious note, i really like(d) the songs of movies like villu kuruvi and fact have an exclusive playlist of all his songs.

This movie songs lacked the fastness and peppiness they usually have. only one song appealed and that too was more like an old MGR song.

Ramesh said...

zeno - please provide translation for those folks who have only recently come to know of the existence of Tamannah and therefore ignoramus on such weighty matters :)

Anonymous said...

why is this guy being targeted.. Any special reasons

zeno said...

@anon, well this guy is being bashed by lots of ppl. this is not jus fr the sake of bashing. the songs were really not so good, when it was expected to be good

zeno said...

he was a son of the director. and started acting in his father's movies. many ppl feel all those inital movies belong to a genre called soft porn. luckily by law of averages or some law like that he got a break, become a mass actor[due to acting in telugu remake movies] well liked by kids and many people.
later on started churning out masala movies
well for the bashing he recieves, u gotta watch his movies.;) a very long history indeed. will try to keep you enlighted thru mails

zeno said... chk this out too

gils said...

sura songs athukulla ketaachaa!!! me waiting for the videos...tammu kaga paakalam - mute panitu :)

zeno said...

gils heard it as soon as it came, posting was late! yeah we can watch fr our T ;) wat say u game fr first day first show?