Sunday, March 21, 2010

Things Money Can't Buy-2

Place: Public Place. Could be an icecream parlour or park or bus.

Character 1: Talking on phone in One language, say Tamil.

Character 2 happens sit near in the vicinity of Character 1.

Character 1 gets jumpy, feels intrusion of privacy, switches over to some other language, say telugu.

All of a sudden, Character 2, gets a phone call, picks up and starts speaking in Telugu.

Expression on the face of Character 1: Priceless.


RamMmm said...

That must be you (but I don't recollect you speaking in Telugu). :-)

Hee hee hee. That is a 'priceless' moment, indeed.

zeno said...

Nah! Not me! This one is a true fiction! நான் ஏன் தெலுங்குல பேசறது இல்லனு அடுத்த Blog Post-ல சொல்றேன் :)

RamMmm said...

:-) Maybe the candidate RS2 speaks Telugu (rather than Malayalam) :-)

zeno said...

No No Not at all!. Hang on...
Post in Progress!

Ramesh said...


African on the bus in China

The Chinese women twitter in Chinese and pass disparaging comments on his girth and size
No reaction by African
When he gets down, he wishes them goodbye in chaste Chinese after thanking them for their comments.

Look on the Chinese women's faces - priceless !

zeno said...

edhu kuda nalla iruku, reminds me of the movie "ninaithale inikum"[ the old one rajni and kamal] [in singapore, while geetha is talking on phone in malay or something, rajni will praise the beauty of her in tamil, smthing like should thank her parents, she will pause and reply for that you have to go to karaikudi in tamil]