Friday, May 07, 2010

Hospital Diaries

Recently, happened to visit one of the hospital rooms. There was a sign as follows:
"The management of hospital XYZ warmly welcomes you. We wish you a speedy recovery blah blah..."

You welcome a patient???

One more sign near the dustbins. They had different colored dustbins for different wastes.
Black for Food waste. E.g listed some blah blah.
Yellow for Chemo hazards. E.g listed syringes. Tablet covers etc..
Red for Bio hazards. E.g listed BODY PARTS.

Something tells me that Hippocratic oath would be the most violated oath in the world.

No wonder these morons awakened the deadly fighting streak in me that lurks out every now and then!
I should consider investing in hospital stocks.


chennaigirl said...

ROTFL @ the welcome board sign. Investing in hospitals - i would say, it is the best option - education, hospital, hotel industry - most thriving ones - IMO

RamMmm said...

andha sign ellaam oru anbu thaan. patient illayael aaspathiri yaedhu? :-) yedhedhukko poster otturanga, idhukku sign-board vechcha ennannu management ninaichchirukkalaam? :-) ellaam oru nanri kadan thaan.

I think they must have meant it was for cotton/gauze etc for infectious wound treatment or a red bin from the surgical ward landed into the room where you visited. Infectious waste would be an appropriate term there.

yendha statement in the oath violated? ellaamaevaa?

Chennaila hospital culture seems to be very high. Medical tourism, maybe, even for locals?

Rather than investing in hospital stocks, you can start one. :-) You can wear a white coat and put a nameboard. Zeno - Dean, XYZ Hospital, BE, MRCS, MELT(London) appdiinnu oru board poattukkalaam. :-)

RamMmm said...

andha color coding or documentation thappaa irukkaey. Looked up some web-site on medical waste disposal in India and there comes a different color code.

Ramesh said...

A hospital is a different world that nobody wants to descend into.

I am not sure investing in the medical area is a good idea. It may look like things are very costly in India, but its dirt cheap compared to almost anywhere else in the world. The amount if technology involved in medicine is also huge and this costs. Not much profits there.

zeno said...

@CG Never tried my hands in edu or hotels. Media shares have hurt me bad very bad.

@Ramesh, Yeah cheap compared to others, still i guess their operating margin would be great leading to high profits. Hospitals run pharmacy and for pharmacy they buy tablets at wholesaler price. physicians sample also finds a way to get converted as money. The nurses or duty doctors[who stay at nights] are paid hardly around 10K per month. Add the unnecessary tests and tablets. sure they make loads of money!

zeno said...

@RamMmm, w.r.t oath ellame than. paisa paisa is the ultimate aim, all else takes a back seat.

I know you are a good great well wisher of mine, ana ivla anbum pasamum irukum nu theriyama pochu :(

though I defn thought of starting one ;)

After going through the link,now i am not so sure of the color codes. But i am sure they did say "BODY PARTS" They had the similar instruction print out in all floors near the nurses station.

Deepa said...

Me came into the contact of civilian doctors and hospitals much later in life after no longer being my 'Army-man' dad's dependant. After the first experience ever, I am scared and scarred to go again. And this is about one of the top hospitals in town! Maybe thats the reason I don't fall sick very often, my body's defense mechanism!

Investing in medical and pharma stocks, you can close ur eyes and jump in!

zeno said...

Strong army defense mechanism i guess :)

Strangely, from the day, the thought occured i should consider pharma, i am not able to line up the funds required. :(