Wednesday, May 14, 2008

10 Reasons Why Yahoo Messenger is better than Gtalk

10) Gtalk does not support video conversations, i.e support for webcam

9) Gtalk does not support Group Conversations.

8) Gtalk does not support Personalized Environments (IMvironments in yahoo)

7) Gtalk does not support creation of Avatars

6) Gtalk does not let you customize skins.

5) Gtalk does not let you to block contacts

4) Gtalk does not let you to login offline or appear offline to select contacts (stealth settings)

3) Gtalk does not let your messages to be received on Mobiles.

2) Gtalk does not let you to buzz people who are dozing off.

1) Gtalk is still in 0.0 beta stage
Yahoo Messenger is in 9.0 beta stage with all the above facilities and many more

Do i have any interest to work for Google?
Yeah to make their Perpetual Beta Products, a Better Products

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