Friday, February 12, 2010

Prisoner's Dilemma for IT Dummies

Prisoner's Dilemma. You would have come across this theory, if you had read Game Theory
To know the history and geography of the Game Theory, go here.
For all those, who don't have time ,who cannot comprehend the above link, who want it simple short and sweet, read below:

Appraisal Time, Low Ratings.  
Hike Time, Very Very Low.
No room for growth. No chance for onsites.
So two team mates, Veeru and Jai decide to team up and pursue outside opportunities.
Both attend same company interview.
No No,No silly situations like, we have only one position and we could take only one of you.
That company is in the hiring spree. It hires both of them and gives them the same hike.
Now they come back, high five each other, submit their resignation letters on a friday evening, auto scheduling it for 11.50 P.M with exactly same wordings.
Sunday, they catch up with each other and swear to each other they should stand by their decisions.
Monday, the manager tosses a coin and says,
Heads, Veeru comes to discussion room first,
Tails, Jai comes to discussion room first
Fortunately, this time Veeru wins, goes to discussion room first,
"I have one long term opportunity. If you refuse, I shall offer the same to Jai."
Now the dilemma of Veeru is called Prisoner's Dilemma!

The incidents,instances if any resembles real time occurences, they are mere coincidences!
Onsite: To some IT engineers, it is the holy grail of their career. Generally you do the same work at client's location (Usually USA and U.K) rather than doing it from India and you get paid in USD or GBP.


RamMmm said...

ROTFL^n n>0,n>10

கெளப்புற zeno கெளப்புற

Related to it like a Kramer convulsion in Seinfeld. [Snap finger, throw head back, smack lips and say Bingo!]

zeno said...

:P As i truly believe , the good fiction definitely has a trace of reality mixed here and there!
was this the convulsion you were referring to?

RamMmm said...

Definitely. Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to relate to it.

Kramer is one hilarious and complex guy with crazy ideas. You should see the way he usually enters Seinfeld's apartment and then his general mannerism when he talks. That was an extreme case in the FB pointer though. How is it you don't watch Seinfeld?

zeno said...

I just don’t watch much of TV!SATC is an exception :P :D
Now thinking to cut down on Internet too and have a balance between movies, books, browsing, blogging, tweeting and sleep[wish i could :)]