Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ideal Interview

  1. What is your Name?
  2. How much do you expect?
  3. When can you join us?
The only three questions that I would like to be asked in a Job interview!


Ram said...

Sounds good :)
But if you are an employer, will those questions be sufficient for you to pick a candidate? Just asking :P

zeno said...

1) I am not an idealist!
2) One man's food is another man's poison. So what is good for me as an employee may not be good to me when i am an employer. [We will never let our kids do stuff, what ever we do now]
3) One yogi from himalaya has trained me to judge people just based on their looks ;)

Ramesh said...

Really ??? Dream on .........

chennaigirl said...

Yogis address please?!!!!!!!11

zeno said...

Yep! I am a firm believer in my dreams and mostly they have come true :) Luckily by God's grace, except for one or two most of my interviews were a cake walk. I am not sure, whether can i even call them as interviews ;)

Yogi's address for now, Chennai kurukku sandhu, Chennai main road, Chennai.

பத்மா said...

will u join us for lunch?

how about this?

zeno said...

Interview na Lunch okie! vera yarna appadinna Dinner than :)