Monday, July 19, 2010

செல்போன் சிணுங்கல்கள்

சத்தமின்றி துயில்வாய் என்ற
செல்போன் சிணுங்கலுக்கு
செவி சாய்க்காமல்
சத்தமாய் தூங்கிகொண்டிருந்தான்
Dedicated to[Inspired by] my roommate, who has this ring tone and snores too loud ;) :P :D


Ramesh said...

Ha Ha - amazing, what all inspires you to write a post. Incredibly sensitive you are - take a bow zeno.

பத்மா said...

nice nice

chennaigirl said...

The alarm woke up the wrong person. Result - kavithai :)
Alarm is always not meant for the one who keeps it ;)

zeno said...

@ Ramesh Many things do inspire me!If i do not sound like bragging, if i could type at the speed of my thoughts or can type when ever i get inspired, i could churn out more :)
Sensitive, if it means observing subtle things, reading between the lines or reading even when there are no lines, yeah i am little good at it ;)

zeno said...

@Padma, it is definitely nice to know you read regularly :)

@CG,Long time no see.what happened? Is beloved P keeping you very busy?What is P up to nowadays? May be we miss him too much but definitely not you ;)[even earlier i asked what is P upto but not what are you up to :) :D :P][just kidding] BTW ever tried the pizza hut in the road that leads to kodambakkam[there is only one in ashoknagar] How was tat?had any aftermath effect?

chennaigirl said...

Yes very much busy - filing of IT etc., P is doin fine, got his yellow belt :)
Pizza eppavume home delivery thaan, iam so conscious of eating in pizza outlets, veetla eppadi venumnaalum saapadlaam, bt they just kollai aduchufy reg home delivery - this and that toppings bt just one on each slice :(
Pizza hut is ok when compared to dominos

zeno said...

Oh yeah IT filing busy timings for you :(
So soon yellow belt? dont they give that after 6 months? adhu kuda ippa ellam fast track a?

enga saptalum, adhe pizza thana? illiya? I strongly suspect tat pizza hut to be the cause for my sickness post.

Fr pizza, I always prefer goin out, more like hangin out!

RamMmm said...

Get the devil in you moving to take care of that snoring. :-)

Was that the exact sequence in the song that was ring-toned? Wonderful tune to have for a 'professional' to ring in a customer meeting.

zeno said...

It's[snoring] his devil definitely not my battle to fight ;)

Yep that's the sequence. There are far better ring tones, esp fr a customer meeting ;)