Saturday, September 29, 2007

Blog Post on Infy Blog

I came across the Infosysblog link through marketingpractice.

Just a few observations on the blog:

  • Quite an interesting, thought provoking blog.(off shore model means your mess for less, outsourcing means your work for less)
  • May be an epitome for the perfect corporate blog.
  • A PR tool effectively used to project themselves as one of the biggest player competing with IBM and accenture.

One thing that really puzzled me was, Why are these guys focused on the concept of "flat world"?

Isnt the concept of flat world is more synonymous with thomas friedman? (Ahem, agreed it was Nandan Nilekani, who pointed out to friedman, that the world is flat. )

Couldnt they could have concentrated on some other theme?

of course, the blog and all their posts are centered over that theme.

The other things that puzzled me was,

Why is that still all our indian companies keep on emphazing, we have started playing in the big level. The message has already been communicated to the world well loud and clear.We have arrived and we are here to stay and everybody knows that too. In fact, they are worried and concerned.

Next, the world has been flattened not only for us, but even for the so called biggies. Not only we could compete at their level, they could also compete at each and every level we compete.(when we can bid for large projects, they could bid at lower margins, attract better talent)

I also feel that, evolution of indian companies as colloborative strategic partners to their vendors was the obvious next level in the evolution. In fact we didn't and we don't have any choice. It was and is necessary for our mere survival. If the vendors havent understood that and still they need to be educated on that, well i guess it is time they wake up and come to the world of reality.

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