Saturday, July 11, 2009

What does your Personal Brand Stands for?

How you are being perceived by others determines how your actions are being interpreted by others.

One day, President George W Bush was walking in a New York park on a holiday with his pet dog.
The pet dog suddenly became rabid and started attacking Bush himself.
A man who was sitting close-by on a park bench pounced on the rabid dog, fought with it and killed it to save the life of George W Bush.
Bush was appreciative of the young man and said, ``Thank you very much. You will become famous. All TV channels will flash the news `Young New Yorker kills dog to save Bush```. But the lad said, ``No. Mr. President, I aint a New Yorker``.
``So what?``, said Bush, ``They may say, ``Brave American risks life to kill dog and save Bush```. Again the man said, ``No. Mr. President, I aint an American``, for which Bush asked, ``Then what are you?``
The man said, ``I am a Pakistani``.
In an hour all TV channels flashed the news: ``Islamic Terrorist kills Bush`s pet dog, Hand of Osama Bin Laden suspected``.

Similarly have you ever thought how the media would have projected the wardrobe malfunction of emma watson if she wasn't an harry potter star!
How it would have been played by the media if it was lindsay lohan or say paris hilton!

If Apple does it, it is cool and hip.
If Google does it,it is technological break through.
If Microsoft does it, it is crap and buggy!

Perception Matters Nothing else.

the link contains a very good, decent picture of emma watson without any wardrobe malfunction :)

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