Friday, January 12, 2018

Respect thy shareholder

Somewhere in Universe!

We are already in fourth quarter. Our results don't seem that promising. Our stock price may not reach the target and we may not able to award the dividends that we want for ourselves

Can't we ask our auditors to manage this for us?

Well, they have been banned to audit publicly listed companies. 

What, how did they ban them without asking us? Aren't we running the country?

We have to keep up the appearances, we will fix it in appeal but it would take some time.

Ah, what can we do? 

Can we announce we are doing something in block chain and crypto currency?

Are we a stalled startup to pivot in to them? 

What, they are still alive? I thought they were dead and bankrupt!

No, No!

Ah, If their price can triple, it should help us too! By the way, do we even know what it is? What if it fails or goes no where?

Don't worry, we will tell our new young boss will lead this initiative. It will show our next generation is innovative and is poised to lead us for generations to come!

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