Tuesday, January 16, 2007

IIM is calling!!!

Usually, it is said that GD/PI looks for the personality perspective in the applicant.
They look for the commitment, keenness over the study, ability to endure the entire duration of course.
One might say, yeah, i have great commitment, keenness, great endurance. How do i prove that to the interview panel?

How to convince them i do have them all in the right mixture?

You would have come across many websites, read books, attended seminars, paid hefty sum to coaching classes.
I bet you would have never come across such a sure shot way to be successful to get in to IIM.
Ok. let us get down to the business. Here we go....

The following was the transcription between a candidate and the panel:
The candidate did prepone his interview schedule from april 15th to april 14th.
He was the first guy to be interviewed on the first day.
Not to say, the panel was very much irritated by all his preponement.
So the first question was,
Panel:Why did you prepone the interview schedule? Do you know how much trouble you have created?
Applicant:Yeah, I know that all this has created a lots of inconvenience to many, but sorry i couldnt help it.I am supposed to attend a marriage.
Panel: Marriage, is it something important that you need to attend a marriage, preponing your interview.
Applicant: yeah i guess, i got no other way, i had to attend that marriage.
Panel: Whose marriage is that, so it is important that you need to attend without fail?

Should i tell that he got selected to IIM?

No, this is not some story cooked up by me.
This was a real time interview conversation happened between an applicant and the panel.
This was told by the applicant himself in an open house session on PGSEM program organised by IIM-B at chennai last week.

I don't see any reason,why this may not work to crack the CAT interview?
So guys/gals good luck to all those who have been called for GD/PI.

Now you know what you ought to do to next!!!

Get Married.
Get in to IIM.

No, you need not send me your first month salary cheque to me as your token of gratitude for giving this guidance.

For the folks who are wondering, what is PGSEM, please visit the link to hear the IIM-B's version.
To hear my version,hope i will be post about the open house session conducted by them.

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