Friday, June 25, 2010

Knowing Thyself

What do I want?

Like most people in the world,  More Wealth. I do not want to put an upper limit to my potential.

Then a little fame. Yep a little fame. Not much, I am not too greedy you see.

Lots of other things, which I may not explicitly say so.I am not Jimmy Carter ogay!
Most people desire for things that they dont deserve. Am i deserving enough for my desires? Well, let's see

What are all my strengths?

I can converse about something for hours together even without knowing anything about it.
High and mighty as well as mere mortals could identify me with them.

I can be both the devil's and angel's advocate.
I am comfortable and confident in handling peoples and situations.
I could be an inspiration and role model to few people[some times for the good reasons, sometimes for all the bad reasons]
I could be very philosophical.
I could play the agony aunt giving a patient ear to all your grievances.
I could give advice and solutions to all your problems.
Oh by the way I am also knowledgeable about many things under the sky and have a good smile :)

What should I be doing?

If you are thinking I should be doing something like Sales/Marketing/HR/General Management/etc etc
Nah Nah Please Please stop!

After the discussions with my divine inner self during my deep meditation of the soul alone at the Himalayas, the lord showed my the best career path for me.

Start an ashram and become a SWAMIJI! HARI OM! HARI OM!


Deepa said...

Now who is this beautifully packaged personal profile directed too? We can add recommendations and testimonials accordingly! :)

chennaigirl said...

Ashram with multiple branches incl one in abroad ah swamiji :)

RamMmm said...

Swamiji-2 in the making, I see. Hee Hee, you know Swamiji-1. :-)

All these qualities are also supposed to be there except the last para in a typical 'IT firm manager'. Are you becoming one, in spite of your protestations? :-)

gils said...

!!! i need not do this tag :D jus copy paste watever u've told here wud fit me like a t :D :D ditto over all ur comments and tht includes the swamiji part too :D let me start the branch opice for the ashram in chennai :D

zeno said...

@Deepa, It's me :D
@CG Of course. The ashram will rival all MNC's. Having clients in abroad is very much necessary for the survival of ashram!

zeno said...

@Ram, Who is swamiji-1? In the world of swamiji's, first we should say i am the disciple of him, disciple of him etc etc. then after sometime disown every body and say i am the one, the one and only one.

The last quality sets me apart. so may be i can say i am not becoming one. even if i become one, i get to say, "ennaiyum arasiyal vathi akitingela"

It also explains one more thing, why most of the IT firm engineers are unhappy. In the initial days they get disillusioned and are deceived by the IT swamiji's

zeno said...

@gils I here by anoint you as CDO [chief disciple officer] ;)
30% of the revenue generated by your branch should be debited to the head office.
You should also sign a non-compete agreement for 6 months, if in case you decide to leave the ashram ;)

Ramesh said...

Zeno - you cannot be a swamiji; you yourself says that you are neither of the two zenos.

Methinks like Deepa - Ready to add recommendations, testimonials, too ......

zeno said...

@Ramesh Why not :( Since i am not the two zeno's I am the new one. If am too consistent in what i say I cannot be a swamiji!!

I am so glad on the testimonials and recommendations front :P :D

பத்மா said...

u think swamijis are contented?
why do U wanna go in a lousy path? for all the qualities u possess u can stand for president OF UNITED STATES ..

zeno said...

@Padma, No I do not think the current day swamijis are contented. so were the yester year swamiji's and hence they were in search of enlightenment.
This was just a funny post ;)
And i also think POTUS[president of the united states] is not tat attractive as it seems.he/she would be the most disillusioned person in the whole world. Especially after seeing Obama as POTUS, nah i would decline the offer ;)
Still, if you happen to see some person flying in the sky along with clouds and that would be me and the reason would be your comment :P :D thank you!