Friday, September 25, 2009

Everything is Ephemeral

When you are young and you are hit by a big failure, a disappointment, you think that as the worst thing that could happen to you. As you grow up and are faced with more and more failures and disappointments, your so called previous big problems seem so small. The new failure becomes the biggest ever embarassment of life.

So when you are faced with a failure, and you start thinking that, this is the lowest point of my life, be aware that this a deja vu feeling, be aware that you still have miles to travel filled with much more bigger problems and this lowest point of life will further hit new lows.

Just remember even this shall pass away!

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RamMmm said...

Time is a great healer (but a slow one) and like everything else before, this too shall pass.

Take care. Don't let yourself wallow in pity.