Monday, October 05, 2009

Obama Should Have Hitler Too as Hero!

Obama says, his ideal dinner date would be Mahatma, I would Say Probably he should consider Hitler too!

One of the very few advices was that i have received in my childhood is "Everybody you meet is a teacher to you. From each and everyone that you come across, you have something to learn. Even from bad guys and bad things, Especially from them"

To elobarate, He/She could be a complete baddie. Still, you have something to learn from them. In fact it's from bad guys you could learn a lot than from the good guys. How can you know what exactly is good if you dont have bad?They are the ones who teach you what not to do. More over There are good things to learn even from bad guys and even good guys,the perfect role models have bad qualities that one should never cultivate.

Let me quote two incidents from the great Indian Epic, Ramayana and Mahabharatha to illustrate my point.

What is that you can learn from dhuryodhana? Not to humiliate a woman in front of all. Not to be greedy? Nope. You learn, "respect to friendship, trust over the friend as well as the wife". Once Dhuryodhana's best friend Karna and his wife are playing a game of dice. While Playing the game, In the middle of the game, she tries to walk away from the game, he tries to pull her back, insisting her to continue with the game. The ornament she wears falling down, and the pearls scatter all over the place on the floor. Dhuryodhana enters and sees karna pulling his wife, and all the other short stuff. The usually short sighted Dhuryodhana, unusually doesnt gets angry, doesnt doubts his wife, or his best friend. Rather he asks, in what fashion, should the pearls be put back in to the ornament.

Compare this with Rama, the god incarnate, who doubts his wife, who asks her to jump in to fire and prove her purity. Poor sita, she dint have a family court those days to file for a divorce and get the alimony from rama for herself and her kids.

In modern day contexts, You could learn how to be very charming and other things from Mr. Clinton and Kennedy. Well you know what not to learn from them.

In other words, even, from a worst managed project, you not only can learn how not to manage a project, but possibly a very few best practices.

From a bad movie, not only you learn how not to make a bad movie, possibly it could have a good script, good dialogues, good camera or a good looking heroine.

So Mr Obama, Listen to me, If not Dinner atleast have a beer summit with hitler. Not only Gandhi Probably Hitler too could teach you a thing or two![At least Annhilation of Terrorists from earth]

A Gandhi Jayanthi Special Post

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