Friday, October 29, 2010


Why do we need Friends?
No, I aint asking, "Do we need friends?" All I am asking is, "Why do we need friends?"

Is it to have KINGFISHER with us during the good as well as bad times?
Is it to lend an helping hand when we need help?
Is it to help us sort our problems, if not solve atleast  give out ideas to solve them?
Is it to listen to your rants and ravings?

May be, but to me more importantly, "KICK us in the place where it hurts the most and bring some sense in us and set us right in our due place, when we do something wrong or say something wrong when we shouldnt even think of doing them"

More especially, asking me to sing one of my most favorite songs, the very famous song of Dennis Leary! When i do stupid things and behave and deserved to be called  that way.

Dedicated to all my true friends who really do care for me. I OWE YOU ALL!


Ramesh said...

Nice. Short nice muse on friends. Add a line that friends are also for reading blogs and commenting .... !!!!

zeno said...

Ah not to mention, you educate and inspire a lot.
For e.g early morning comment presumably with you filter coffee what a dedication and diligence.
And the comment on other post, on whom i should be training guns!