Friday, October 29, 2010

What an IDEA Sirjee

There are thousands of companies and millions of share holders. At the end of each financial year, all these companies send their annual report to all their share holders.
They prepare the report with glossy design, photographs and fill it with lots of data which not many may understand, which [Sometimes] may not be even true[Sathyam]. May be many don't even bother to look at it. [ I just look at the compensation paid to board directors and the so called top brass][Shame on them, they do tell their compensations in print to millions of faceless strangers, but preach their employers not to discuss the paltry salaries with their colleague friends]
Think about the time, effort and more importantly money spent on this ritual.
Why not just send that as soft copy rather than the hard copy? Rather than the money saved[Dear India Posts, Sorry for the potential loss of revenue] think about the trees that would be saved by this.
So dear companies, stop bragging about how you are turning your offices in to paperless offices, how socially responsibly you are, how you are going green and saving the mother earth on PAPERS for which trees where cut down!
Update: Infy sends the report via e-mail for share holders who have updated their email in their DP account. Of course, still if you want to be a tree killer and need an hard copy you can opt in for that.Thanks Pranav for enlightenment and softcopy :)


Ramesh said...

Companies hate the ritual of sending the annual reports to shareholders. Nobody reads them. The really active institutional investors get their information from analyst meets. The average shareholder simply dumps the report 8into the waste bin. But the law does not permit sending electronically , or better still simply posting it on their website. You should train your guns ate the antiquated law makers.

zeno said...

Tks fr the info. I was never aware of it. As usual it is the damned lawmakers then! TREE KILLERS :P

RamMmm said...

adhukku thaan nerayya stock ellam vechchukka koodadhu. :-) You get papers to waste. So you are also a tree killer. :-) I have a pile of your company annual reports and I also see only the compensation sheet. :-)

Romba kovichchukkareenga.?Udambukku nalladhillai!! Cool-cool.

E-mails are the best way to go and opt-ins could be asked for paper copies, like the bank statements these days. The law will change, maybe slowly. :-(

zeno said...

Me having more stocks! No No! My company doent pays me that much to gamble!
I really do reuse them in innovative ways ;)

எல்லாம் ஒரு சமுதாய அக்கறை தான்! :P

சட்டம் எப்ப தான் கடமையை செய்யுமோ!