Thursday, December 22, 2011

That Day to This Day

More than a decade and half ago,There was this guy crossing a gate.

It was the same gate he had been crossing for the previous seven years.

That day was different, Instead of some elderly person accompanying him, he was accompanying a little one. It was his turn to be an elderly person.

When his turn to came to meet the headmistress, without any preamble, She said,you should come with your parents to collect your transfer certificate.

He replied, No Sister. I have already collected them.I am here to admit my sister.

Few years back, yet again, the guy and not so small girl  almost went through the same ritual of crossing a gate. It was a sheer coincidence it happened to be an yet another same gate which he had been passing through.

Fast forward today, the little one is almost woman. Today she did cross another gate in to a jungle all alone, leaving the guy behind. All in a moment of the flash. Wondering what was that in the mind, heart and the eyes of the guy at that moment?

The entire time from the first gate crossing to today seems to have passed in a moment of flash...

When i first started writing poems, One of my manager gave me a pretty good advice on how to write poems. Yeah, i was lucky enough to have managers who always let me do what ever i wanted to do and support me the whole nine yards. Coming back to the advice, it was something like "Never state explicitly what you want to state. Let the reader interpret it on his own. If different people interpret it differently then you are a darn good poet". Now thinking back, it also seems like, he was talking about "How to deal with clients?"  Connecting this post and his point on poems,I am not sure does it makes me a good writer, if different people interpret the writing in different ways. Let me state this explictily and simply. It was the first day of my sissy to Office. I was just reminiscing the day i took her to admit in the kindergarten. :P :D Now you also know, i never listen to my managers ;)


Ramesh said...

Aha - that's what kid sisters do to you.

Very nicely written. Its my turn to confirm that you should be a professional writer - which of course you are

Unknown said...

Dedicated to ur Sis right :) Nice one :)

Yuvani said...

Sweet post :)Quie emotional!! Kalyanama? You never told me?

Deepa said...

:) I have a younger bro and I have to tell you I would never go through these emotions! My accounts are more on the lines of constantly trying to tame the rogue!

RamMmm said...

:-) :-)

Ah! the deja vu feeling, but of joy.

vaazhthukkal (not to you, but your sister) :-) :-)

Appu said...

@Ramesh I shall accept me as professional writer if i start writing one weekly column for a major main stream magazine :)

Tks Tks :)

@Deepa, Taming is always there .still this one was special as it was an end to end thing :)

@Ram, it was one hell of a deja vu :)