Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Four rules for your First job

1.Lit a fire under your ...
After a long and arduous journey of pre-school to college, when you land up in your first job, you might think, you have reached the end of tunnel.
Remember there is no end of tunnel and there is no light.
Above all the journey has just begun.
Be ambitious. Be goal oriented. Have a plan.
Ensure the fire under your bellies do not fade out but add fuel to that fire and lit it under your ...

2.Find a Good Guru
No college, No course prepares you for the real job. When you land up in your job, it is nothing else but a dark and dangerous jungle.
With out a proper guide to show you the way you would really be lost. By the time you, you figure out your way in jungle, you would have been eaten alive by predators.
With out a guide, you just dont stand a chance.

3.Pray for an ambitious manager
Ensure you work for a manager who is ambitious to the nth degree.
It is more like a ladder where you all are in queue and your manager is on top.Until and unless he moves a step ahead you will never be able to climb ahead. If he doesn't climbs up, the only way to charge ahead is to change your ladder.

4.Meaure your progress with numbers
You might hear some wise #$% remarks such as, "It is the time to learn. You should not be focussing on money. In the long run all things will get even out" 
When the companies worry about customers rather than profits, when the companies worry about employers rather than operating margins. When people stop drooling at Asin, Anushka, Tamanna and Trisha, because they too get old one day and will look ugly.
You too could stop worry about your bonus, hike and the money you make.

Make no mistake, if your numbers dont grow, it just shows you are just not growing.

This space will be updated shortly with "Purpose in life" [Contribution from some one who has taught me most of the tech stuff and most importantly the way of thinking and what not]
All the above are based on the presumption that you are smart, logical, quick thinker with superb social skills. It also means you know your craft and is too good at it. To sum up you should have potential. Alas, Potential alone will not take you anywhere. Then, the title is a misnomer. It applies not just to your first job, when ever you enter a new role, new team, new department, new company, in short any new jungle!

The above post was written quite sometime(4-5 months) back with the intention to be published under a totally different circumstances. It could be clearly seen in the refences to Asin, Tamanna and Trisha rather than say Hansika, Shruthi or Richa ;). Neverthless it had been in draft section for quite sometime, i thought will let this see the light of the day.


Ramesh said...

Totally agree with 1 and 2. Not sure if I entirely agree with 3 and 4. A career is like a marathon. We have to pace ourselves. Immediate promotion or money is less of an issue in the immediate term. Money and climbing the ladder are extremely important in the long term, but you can't sprint a marathon.

God; does the "uber cool" stuff change so much ?? Now, do I have to learn about Hansika, Shruti and Richa, whoever they are. I had just got started on Asin :):)

Venkat.. said...
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Venkat.. said...

thoughtfull views...