Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Reviewing the Confessions

Once upon a time, I was an avid reader of English fiction. After sometime, I lost interest in fiction as a whole. There weren't too many authors whom i liked and whom i liked did not churn out too many books. The so called Indian authors (spurred by the Success of Chatan Sorry Chetan Bhagat) never appealed to me. Read few of them completely because, i bought them by paying money. Some in hope that at least some point of time, the book will have something worth while. From then on, I ran a mile away on the prospect of buying them.
A stroll in the Landmark stall (or is it in Westland) at the Chennai book fair, this book definitely caught my attention. The byline of the book,Confessions of a confused accountant  was the one that intrigued me. While I wanted to write the review, I took the book to check something, only then i realized the name of the book was scammed but not confessions.[As it appears in the title of the post]
[Yeah, now I (You) know how people buy the books, just a look and if it appeals they buy, no reading nothing.] I decided to order it online in Landmark. [Their Twitter folks are one of the best, I have seen. More on it later]

It is all about a nobody accountant who becomes a super star CEO. Nah it is not all about the rags to riches story but the dirty things that happen to you in the due process and later.

It definitely has a story. A narration that is good enough to get your attention and make it read in one go. Most importantly,no loose ends or logical flaws that laughs at your face. Above all, the final twist in the tale. Yeah, I love the story that has a surprise at the end!

As well, certain parts of the story are more predictable but it gels with the over all plot and the theme. So no complaints on that part.

The author is anonymous. May be it is a marketing gimmick or may be a real story where the author really wants to be anonymous. The story is so convincing enough to give you a make belief feel,that it might have happened for real but fat chance. At the same time i couldnt help wonder, whether has it took too many cues from the Satyam saga?

The story is being set in Hyderabad, a multinational audit firm, auditors jailed barred, missing promoters, political connections.Anything more, i would be telling you the story.

It also reminded me of the movie, "Fun with Dick and Jane" where Jim Carrey gets promoted only to be left holding the bag. The final interview part by the hero reminded me of the interview of the Robin Varghese in the Dork book. Above all, certain "very romantic" parts were so artificial and seemed like the editor suggested, "Hey why there is no sex at all? Can you add that up to spice as it is an important ingredient in the formula?"

You can buy the book here for 130 or wait and possibly spend 200 + to watch as movie in a multiplex ;)

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