Saturday, January 09, 2016

Who will bell the cat?

In all of our lives, we face problems. Some that have direct impact on us. Some may not be. In such instances, most of time we do a good job of the root cause analysis of the problem, why it is, who is responsible. how it could have been averted and even say how it could be fixed.

The problem with this analysis of problems, it is just armchair analysis. Well if not for the armchair, the analysis would be activism.

Not many really do have the guts or decency to go ahead and fix the problem when they know how to fix it or at least speak about the problem to the root cause of the problem (Yes, sometimes fixing a problem is all about being decent)

Let's say you are worried about your front yard being filled with trash by your neighbor. You get irritated, curse the person or throw back his/her trash in their front yard along with your trash. May be get in to a shouting match with the trash just lying in your front yard.

How many would walk up to the neighbor and polite, calm and assertively say, what you are doing is wrong? Get your act straight.

If your boss is giving you more work, go tell him, you cannot do it. If your colleague is annoying tell them to stop it. If you like a guy/gal, just go tell them. If you want to move on from a relationship, just move on.

As they say, best way to beat the temptation is to yield to it. One way to beat the fear is to face it.

Similarly, if you have a problem, man up and solve it. Don't just keep cribbing about it. Cause it's your problem and you gotta fix it and nobody's gonna clean your shit for you! Quicker you do it, less the stink!*

*Sometimes, some people eventually do get to solve the problem, either when they are left with no choice or reach their breaking point or get a epiphany about it. Yet a lot of valuable time and peace of mind is lost from the point of occurrence of problem and time it gets solved. Hence the need to act on it at the earliest!

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Deepa said...

The only thing missing in the post is the name of the person this is directed to! lol!