Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Destiny Decides

Not even in my sweetest dreams, I thought my next post will be the follow up of the previous post.

Though the probability does exists that i can daily write a blog about me getting up late....
catching the bus by running.(not to mention the weird stares, seeing a guy sprinting or jogging in formals)

I did follow lot of my commandments.( practising what i preached!!!!!)

But விதி வலியது.

I did miss my bus.

So here we go with the learnings of the day!!!!!

Thou shall catch the company bus of other route via a corporation bus.
(கார்பேரஷன் பஸ் வழியாக கம்பெனி பஸ் பிடித்த k.k nagar Kaanu reeves என்ற பட்டம் எல்லாம் எனக்கு வேண்டாம்)

Thou shall succeed in getting down from a running bus and get in a running bus.( not the exclusive ability of reel heroes)( watch out for the evolution of a real hero!!!!நான் தாங்க)

But still if the destiny has decided that you shall stand and travel today, seats will not be available even in the company bus.

So the Ultimatum is

"கால் கடுக்க நின்னுகிட்டு தான் போகணும்னு" கர்மா இருந்தா corporation bus-ஆ இருந்தாலும் சரி company bus-ஆ இருந்தாலும் சரி நின்னுகிட்டு தான் போகணும்.

Last but best piece of learning is

Thou shall not sit on the engine of the bus(graciously offered by the driver and the standing co passengers), until and unless you want your *** to be on fire!!!!


Lakshme Rangarajan said...
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Lakshme Rangarajan said...

ithellam oru pozhappu.. late eh ezhunthirikka veandiyathu.. appuram itha oru subject eh vachu blog ezhutha veandiyahtu..

ivvalavu kasta pattu office vanthu blog ezuthurathukku pesaama nee veetlaye nalla thoongiyirukkalaam...

zeno said...

veetlaye nalla thoonguradhu eppadinu blog podalamnu yosana kuduthuku thanks