Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Beyond TEN commandments

Today i did miss my company bus as i got up late( as usual)
Here are the commandments that you shall follow without fail, when you get up late!!!

Thou shall not bother to shave, no matter how bad or ugly you look.( The fact that,You might still and will look bad and worse, even after the shave is out of the scope of the post)

Thou shall not change your mind at the last moment, to have a clean shave, after shaving yourself to a french beard.

Thou shall not care to take hair bath. ( let alone bath)

Thou shall not use a deo or try to polish the shoe or look for a formal wear.

Thou shall not search for the mobile and identity card in panic.

Thou shall not dream to catch the bus by running as a tamil cinema hero.

Thou shall not think to board the bus of a neighbourhood company though it is the same transport company.

Thou shall not think to catch the missed company bus via share auto.

Thou shall not assume the corporation bus won't get crowded before it reaches the terminal.

Thou shall be blessed enough to get a seat in the corporation bus.

Thou shall not conclude that you can have the seat to yourself. you will be obliged to vacate your seat. (so better don't board the corporation bus)

Thou shall learn the concepts such as "Survival of Fittest", "being proactive", "collaborative action" etc etc in the corporation bus.

Thou shall see good looking, pretty girls near jayanthi theatre, thiruvanmiyur.

Thou shall meet your college classmate with whom you are not in touch in the share auto.( finally an alternative to orkut, to meet your old pals!!)

Thou shall arrive to work at time, after this odyssey.(walk+share auto+corporate bus+share auto)

Thou shall not miss the chance to post a blog about it!!!

It is worth to sleep for ten more minutes , rather than to miss the company bus by 52 sec, 13 microsec and 9 nanoseconds.

Watch out this space for more such enlightening learnings...

Who is that @$%#@%#$ telling me to get up early by ten minutes?

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