Friday, May 28, 2010

iPod, iPhone, iPad,iFirst

Long long ago, on an April Fools day an adopted orphan co founded a company by coercing his friend in to partnership and selling his volkswagon bus. Named his company inspired by the orchards where he spent time with his girl friend. The IPO of his company created more millionaries than any other company at that time. [at least according to his claims!]

He was the one who actually brought the PC's to our lives. He played a major role in the creation of the necessary evil of all[well most of ] our lives, the WINDOWS! There by he also helped his vendor to be on the way to be the most richest man on the earth.

While he was doing all this, he was forced to leave his very own company by a man whom he hired offering a chance to change the world rather than selling sugared water to the kids. This ignominious exit gave us the www, Toy Story and many such animation movies which restores a child like wonder feeling in most of the adults.

Life comes a full circle and some are lucky enough to be reunited with their first love. After 13 years of exile The prodigal son returned back to the company he founded. He even recieved an investment of $150 million from the person, who was considered to be his arch nemesis. People who were in the industry created by him gave advice to sell of his company and return the money to the share holders.

Little did all knew the irony of fate which waiting to laugh at all those,who conveniently forgot the fact that, "Nothing Lasts forever", "Everything is ephemeral" and "Success and Failure are two impostors which deserve equal treatment"

Now,ten years after Steve Jobs shed the "i" in his iCEO title, his Apple has become the world's biggest tech company in terms of the market value overtaking Microsoft.

To quote Steve Jobs himself, Stocks go up and down, and things may be different tomorrow, but it is worth a moment of reflection today!

Steve Jobs has commented this surpassing thing as "It’s surreal, but it doesn’t really mean anything.”

Is he being humble or obnoxious?
In the same forum he made this comment, he also went on to brag that they sell a iPad every 3 seconds since its launch!


RamMmm said...

andha 'i'kku ippadi oru meaning irukko, including the 'interim' CEO that he was.

Hopefully the 'i'nnovation keeps churning out of the company.

zeno said...

//andha 'i'kku ippadi oru meaning irukko, including the 'interim' CEO that he was.

He had a designation called as interim CEO. At 2000 he shed that off! are you referring to any other meaning?

Ramesh said...

Oh yes - the stuff of fairy tales. Its an amazing amazing story ....

zeno said...

@Ramesh Very amazing, only happens in fairy stories and then in the life of SJ!

RamMmm said...

I was referring to the connotations that the i of his iPhone/iPod/iTunes could stand for.

i - I, Me and Myself. Everything is me.

or he could have thought, you guys make me interim CEO of my own company, let me give you a lesson by prefixing all the products with an 'i'. :-)

zeno said...

Highly possible. It all started with iMac. with the "i" referring to internet[if i remember rite]
iPod also stood for "idiots price our devices"