Monday, April 05, 2010

Paiya Punched

Who may love the movie/can watch the movie?
All guys who are the fans of Tamannah
All girls who are the fans of Karthi
All people who love car races.
All people who dont mind wasting 150 minutes.

What is the story?
Well, seems the producer who poured the money dint bother about it, the actors dint bother about it. Why the heck you and I should bother about it.

Few Good Words
In few places, dialogues and screenplay was good. Cinematography,art and songs was good.Songs were a visual treat. ;)

Neither a movie that "You should not miss", nor a movie that "You should miss"

Note to
Milind Soman
You could still give lots of heroes a run for the moolah. Please no more villain roles, where you are wasted.
We expect more from you. (நாங்க உங்க கிட்ட இருந்து இன்னும் எதிர்பார்கிறோம்)
Vishal and other action heroes
Beware, there is competition for you folks![ well, not only just in terms of action ;)]
You do have the "POTENTIAL" to fill in the shoes of simran.[or should i say belt!] you gotta long way to go in dance department.
To me
Not necessary to buy but should start learning to drive a four wheeler.
To Readers/Commentators
All comments related to the previous line or on my driving skills(or lack of it) will not be entertained, but deleted.


Ramesh said...

My movie skills might be in close proximity to your driving skills. Who's Tamannah ? Who's Karthi ? Who's Jagan ? Milind Soman seems vaguely familiar ; wasn't he the one who got into trouble eons ago for modelling with somebody in the buff ?? And is the movie title really Paiya ???

zeno said...

Asking who is jagan and karthi, well i could let that pass, but asking who is tamannah???
It almost took a day to come out of the shock ;)
Were your questions really serious???
Will send a brief note on all of them to you shortly :)
Now you got a very strong reason to hang out with uber cool teenagers like us!!
Yep that is the name of the movie. there are much more strange movie titles.

Ramesh said...

Very serious ! Such is life zeno. The last Tamil movie I watched was some 20 years ago.

Totally agree that I should hang out with uber cool teenagers like zeno. That's why I am here !! :)

zeno said...

you are welcome!
20 years and u havent one? never knew u were in stone age :P :D
now i can see y u deserve to call us kids :) :)
as said earlier shall send a note on all of them to u asap

RamMmm said...

Ippadi oru ingeyum illai angeyum illai review pottirukkeengaley. cat on a wall syndrome? I have seen only one song on this movie. The song playout was good.

zeno said...

no no it is called tamanna fact all the songs are well played out ;) as I said the movie was not too good but at the same time I felt it did not deserve a great trashing. It did not make me squirm in seat:) or a feeling what crap that I usually get watching mr. X movies

Deepa said...

:D:D Good one! After you admonished Ramesh, I went and saw some clips of Paiya and then only dared to comment!

I can see you guyz drooling over Tamanna, but tell me something, why don't Tollywoodians take some effort in finding some awesome looking hunks! There is ONELY ONE handsome south indian actor - Siddharth! (donno if he acts in Tamil tho) Its sheer exploitation for a gal like Tamanna to be courted by a grizzly like hero! Look at Milind Soman, he gets better and better with age! I can watch this one for him!

zeno said...

I dont think i was admonishing him, may be enlightening. :D

I think tamil movies are called kollywood. :)
Telegu movies are called tollywood
kannada movies are called sandalwood

Tollywood churns out good movies nowadays.and there are good lookin babes as well as boyz.

Siddharth was introduced in tamil :)

Did you say that hero of the movie looks like grizzly bear. beware when you come to chennai ;) there are lots of gals who drool over him :(

Milind soman. ahem i agree! even yesterday we were discussing everybody is in agreement with you. dont watch this movie waste of time!

Reg the effort to find good looking guys, i seriously wonder why they still havent found me ;) [seriously kidding!]