Thursday, September 01, 2011

Go Government Go Green

Either some Ramamirtham has definitely taken a peek at this post by Ramesh or they have learnt a thing or two from their foreign trips.Corporate or non-corporate, there are gonna be many jholna bags or sacks carried around by Rajalakshmi's.

Yeah, it's official in Chennai.

Effective from Sep 1,As per the Govt Directive,For each and every plastic bag you use and depending on the size of it, you have to pay either Re.1/3/5.

Well, yours truly ended up paying Re.1

On hindsight, I could have stuffed few things in my pocket and walked around carrying an AXE in my hand. I just did not want to risk the axe effect to take effect attracting attention from onlookers other than the PYT.

The words Rajalakshmi and Ramamirtham were coined by Ramesh and he rightfully owns the copyright to them.


Ramesh said...

Wow. Fantastic. TN leads the way. Might also help in unclogging the drains before the NE monsoon comes.

Forget the Axe effect. The Zeno effect is more powerful :)

Ha Ha at the NB :)

Venkat.. said...

Its good thing to hear, but unless alternate products to plastic like coier bags, leaf packings, supari leaf plates & Cups, paper cover (again paper is non-greena) are available in plenty in market this rule will not help, people will end up in paying extra one rupee thats it. goverment needs to encourage cottage industries who can produce alternate to plastic. large R&D is required to encourage alternate products.

In many things TN lead the way, but it never got recoganised for good move.

zeno said...

Seems only in Chennai.

Trust me. Zeno effect repels females like anything :)

NB is so true na :)

Our people will spend 100 bucks but will hesitate for 1. penny wise pound foolish. As you say alternatives are needed.
I owe u an article :(