Thursday, September 01, 2011

Just Business! Really?

"It's just business, nothing personal"
Thanks to the movie, "The Godfather". It has been uttered several million times by several people on several occasions.

Is there any truth to it?
Do people really mean it?
Can it be just business and nothing personal?

Why do you even go to office? To get a pay cheque at the end of month. Isn't this personal? Where is the just business thing in it?
It's not just you. For everyone, it's just personal business. 

How can one be successful or good at what they do with out being passionate about what they do? Isn't being passionate a personal thing?

How can one be a successful salesman, if he is not personally convinced with what he sells?
How can one be a successful CEO, if he does not personally believes in the company?

Well, guess what? It does not only apply to business world or petty causes even to greater societal national causes.

Ever wonder how India got it's independence from the British raj?
Do you think going all gung-ho against the establishment which threw you out of a train from the first class despite having a valid ticket was just business and nothing personal?


Ramesh said...

Totally agree. People who think its just business operate in a moral vaccuum. That's a cowardly way to live. If its not personal, you could as well be a machine and not a human being.

Salute you zeno for an extremely sagely view. You are wise beyond your years. Not only will you go far, but the world needs more people like you.

zeno said...

I thought i will get bricks from you for pulling up Gandhi!

You are making me feel too shy! Yeah have to go too far and for that I definitely need the blessings, advice and mentoring from elder people like you :)