Thursday, February 07, 2013

Why Why Why!

I am not a drinking person.
I am not interested in hitting on random strange women.
I am not good at boring small talk.
I can't shake my leg or hands in the name of dance.
I don't even understand the songs that are played.
Why the hell do i go to clubs!


Ravi said...

There is an ! mark, if its a ? mark then someone can answer ( take a guess )...


Ramesh said...

Because, because, my dear boy, thou are at that age when thy need a "non strange" woman :)

Prakash said...

probably because an inner part of u actually wants to do all this and u have trying hard to suppress it all these years

Appu said...

@Ravi :) That was a mistake. out of habit did put an exclamation!

@Ramesh the word is mum :) No comments :) :)

@Prakash ha ha definitely honestly no :) It is not just me and it is fun to watch people there :))