Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Youtube to YOU

I am sure, you would have wished, youtube had an option to download videos.So that you can watch videos from shakira's hip don't lie to kai pulla clips without the hassles of the streaming video getting stucked up.Not to mention the folks who patiently watch all the 16 video clips of some pathetic tamil movies.

Some would have even searched for grabbing softwares, plugin in mozilla.
Some could have done a hard core techie job of demystifying windows, searching for the files in the temporary internet files folder in your hard drive.

Well, Bid adieu to all those painful process.

you have watched a clip in youtube that you want to download.say the following link, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEjwPVI5yFU

Copy the link from the browser's address bar.

Go to http://www.keepvid.com.

Place the link in download link in the text box provided.

Click the download button.

You will be given "download link" just below the orginal link.

Click the download link.

From there on it is usual download process.

By the way , youtube has the video files in .flv format, which can be viewed by VLC player.To download the VLC player click here.


PranavaKumar said...

cool one zeno...

Dhanasekhar said...

good post.... useful for me. Currently downloading....

zeno said...

Thank You