Sunday, March 22, 2009

Modern Markandeya Story

Once upon a time, long long ago in India there was a saint couple who did not have kids.(those were the times where saints could get married legally) They prayed very fervently to god that they wanted a kid. God decided that he will bless them with a kid. So he appeared in front of them and offered two choices.
One, you could have a kid who can live for 100 years, but he will not be handsome,he will not be intelligent, in short good for nothing.
If not you could have a kid who will be handsome intelligent(you know just like me) but can live only for 16 years,
The parents chose a kid who will live for 16 years. The intelligent kid became a vry strong disciple of god shiva, prays to him, on the day of his last day, he hugs the lingam.
Yama comes tries to take him away with the lingam, Lord shiva gets angry, threatens yama, blesses margandaya to live forever!

Cut to twentieth Century, There were two kids who were destined to be silicon valley legends.
God appeared to them offered two choices.
One could have a OS, which will be used by many people, many developers will write applications for it, but it will not look cool, it will crash several times,in short make the lives of the people who use it very miserable but still will live with the pain and may end up as the richest man in the world
The other could have a OS, which will not be used by many people, not many developers to write application for it, but the coolest, stable OS bringing a child like wonder experience to the people who use it and may end up as a man who made a postive difference and changed the way people live forever.
Now If you havent figured out what i am talking about, you are obviously living in pain, never knowing the feeling of "child like wonder"
Full Disclosure: All the Mac related posts are written on Vista installed in a MacBook

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