Sunday, December 26, 2010

An Apple fan on the Android-IV

To give the devil, its due credit, In spite of my rantings here, it is definitely a value for money.  What you pay is what  you get.

Thought it is a rebranded mobile, Micromax could have upgraded to version 2.2 which was available rather the 2.1

Micromax can think of  opening up exclusive showrooms rather than relying on the other retailers. Oh also please make sure it is widely available when you advertise all over the net in all over the sites. [Not making this widely available, is it part of your strategy to help customers to write a good story for the "my first android" contest] Not to mention the accessories which definitely do form a big market. If in doubt check in ritchie street and in ranganathan street of t.nagar.

Word of caution to manufacturers: Limitations of the Android could be perceived as the limitation of the mobile and hence discredit your brand.

On a pure number game perspective, I am very sure the Android will surpass the Apple iOS. Too many manufacturers. Plenty of applications to overcome the limitations of Android.  Possibly it could be the history getting repeated all over again. Apple creates the PC market has the first mover advantage, enjoys monopoly for a while until Microsoft licences a crappy version to all the PC manufacturers and Windows becomes a necessary evil  Apple again recreates the child like wonder and Google licences the OS to all he mobile manufacturers.

This also demonstrates and makes sense to the Apple's claim, they would want to own the whole cycle to give a superior user experience. They even manufacture their own chips and wont even let you touch the battery, all for the sake of our goodness.

Apple's iPhone is like your Mom food. You have nothing to worry about.
Android phones are like your very own cooking or may be your girl friends cooking. You are at your own risk.

P.S This is what happens when i sleep all day saturday :) Flurry of blog posts!


Ramesh said...

Wow. What a series, all in one day.
Comparing the posts to somebody's cooking is going to get you in serious trouble ::)

The problem all comes because Micromax goes to Shenzhen, buys the crappy phones they make there and sells it here. They make things ; can't bother about UI and experience there. Its all hardware.

Nice comparison of Apple and Android. Apple's control freakiness will be their downfall yet again.

Post a big series on the good news ........

Matangi Mawley said...

that was a good take!
but i believe that Apple is not for experimentation.. it 's more like 'sticking to the rules'... as u rightly say- mom's food...

good blog here!

RamMmm said...

Hee Hee Hee

சரியா சொல்லுங்க மூடி மறைக்காம, Google is evilன்னு and Android is crappyன்னு. ;-) ;-)

Girl friends' cookingயை risk என்று கிண்டல் செய்த zenoவுக்கு GF கிடைப்பது அரிதாகட்டும்!!! But still, what a உவமை! :-) கலக்கிட்டீங்க.

இத குடுத்தா அது இல்லன்றீங்க அத குடுத்தா இது இல்லன்றீங்க. என்ன ஒய் விளையாட்டு. :-D :-D

zeno said...

@Ramesh Why worry about a trouble that may come in future!

Yep so true. This too is a rebranded ZTE penguin. Mentioned it some where. for this phone UI is dependent on Android. not on the manufacturer.

Good news may be will mail you once things gets confirmed :)

zeno said...

@Matangi Welcome. Nice to see you here :)
Apple is Awesome :)
Mine is no match when compared to some one who has three blogs, english tamil and a music blog. Not to mention the command over the languages and the style

zeno said...

@Ram, I do have so many traits that would make me getting a GF a tedious task! That comparison came in a flow :P even i was surprised :)