Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ten Things You should Do When You travel to USA

  1. Demand For Drinks in Flight, thinking that it is Bar.
  2. Speak ill of the cabbie in the native indian tongue, and get a reply from him in the same language.
  3. Pack Lunch from the complimentary Breakfast provided in the hotel.
  4. Call 911 thinking that is the room service number.
  5. Annoy the person who stays next in your room with your loud calls or some creative means![so that he/she really calls 911]
  6. Make sure the fire alarm goes off due to your cooking smoke.
  7. Get accosted by the "BROTHERS"
  8. End up in a Gay Bar!
  9. Have a luggage more than the prescribed weight limit and negotiate with the airlines staff, throw something in garbage, repack the bags
  10. Have something in your hand luggage that should have been in cabin luggage, so that security throws it off. So you can feel later "VADAI POCHE"

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