Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thank God, Airtel is not God!

Airtel announces, you can tweet from your airtel but also tells standard rates will apply. Well what the hell does "STANDARD RATES" mean? Call Customer Care na.

Me:[after repeating the number twice] boss may i know what is the standard rates for twitter message from mobile?
Customer Care :Sorry Sir, we do not have that information. But Sir, if you send any message on diwali, you will be charged.
Me: Can you get me the info on twitter message rates? Will it be charged or go in as a part of my SMS pack?
CC: Sir, I can get back to you within 24 hours Sir.
Me: Wait, Did you say that my messages will be charged tomorrow on diwali.
CC: Yes Sir, tomorrow you will be charged 50p per message.
Me: hey come on i have a SMS free pack in which i can send unlimited STD/local and I pay RS.X every month as a part of the rental.
CC: Parroting again, yes sir, but sir, tomorrow we will charge you sir. So please do not send any messages sir[he doesnt wants me to send cause i will be charged, so caring towards the customer]

Few Days back, some one rightly tweeted ," If Airtel was god, they would charge you for breathing"

I ain't that Dumb enough to have a hope that i will get a call from customer care
Looking forward For the implementation of the Mobile Number Portability

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RamMmm said...

Most of the providers did announce an year or two back itself that there will be no 'free' SMS and SMS packs will not be applicable on national and certain holidays and they'll charge at normal SMS rates.

Don't worry!!! Airtel Twitter is exclusive only for another 3 weeks. This FAQ post 'Airtel-Twitter' states that the charges are Re.1/- per SMS and I don't think SMS packs will apply. அப்புறம் எங்கிருந்து பைசா வரும்?

The fun is not in getting the lead in mobile subscribers, but in maintaining them. One more disgruntled customer for Airtel. :-)

We sure will have a riot of a time when MNP comes into effect.