Thursday, November 12, 2009

The White Tiger By a Couch Tiger

There have been some movies, which have quite disturbed me. If there was a book that left me in awe,dazed,confused, enraged and in lots of other feelings that would be WHITE TIGER.The uniqueness is not only on the premise, setting,twists and turns, the plot but blending all these without exaggeration still making it an interesting read. The fiction is so close to be a non-fiction, that I was so tempted to mail Aravind Adiga, you really deserve the booker for your first novel.

Having said that, I would be glad if you could share your secrets of success, just like you shared the secrets of balram halwai to the chinese premier.

Did the title, bangalore tigers inspire this title?

Did you write the entire novel on a machintosh?

Do you write only at the middle of the night?

Do you have a fascination or liking towards the chandelier?

Do you practice one hour of yoga daily?

Do you own a maruti/toyoto qualis/honda city?

Are you afraid of lizards?

Do you really like those three poets you mentioned?

Who the hell is the fourth poet that you never mention?

Where and when and how did you get an inspiration for the novel?

How much time did it take to write/research this novel?

Enough questions for Aravind Adiga,

Likes of Danny Boyle, haven't you yet bought the movie rights for the White Tiger? I can't wait to see another OSCARS in the hands of A.R Rahman.

When and who will write and publish this book in Tamil?

if you ask me why this post now? Did i took my sweet time to read? Was i lazy enough to blog about it? Or am i just posting it now which i wrote some months back?

Well it takes time for a guy like me who is yet in the darkness,yet who hasn't come out of the cage to lay hands on the book where the total price is more than the number of pages of the book even to borrow it!

Well some of the answers could be seen here, here and there

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