Thursday, November 19, 2009

Security or Stupidity?

Once When like a donkey sitting on a small wall having my coffee, My boss's boss's boss dragged me across from one building to another to introduce a manager. though it was just the opposite building, While we entering that building, we were stopped by a security and he did not let me in as i was not carrying my Id badge. Just out of habit i left it in my desk.The Biggest boss who doesnt likes to be challenged or give up called the security head and took me in. I felt bad for putting him in such an embarassing moment.

Once i left my identity card, just under my keyboard and was searching for two days and almost applied for a new identity badge which would have cost me few hundred bucks.

Even after all these, i never cultivated the habit of wearing the id badge. No good reason for not wearing it, except i dint find a good reason to wear it.

Off Late, I am usually stopped by a guy, who with a little bit of politeness, little bit of authority asks me to display/wear the badge.[already it had happened thrice]

Next time when he asks me, i am gonna show him the print out of this post. Yeah i am going to carry this print out all time, even if i dont carry my badge.

Even though many people wear badge, especially girls dont display it properly. The front side turns out the other way and you see the plain empty side of the badge. Do you ask even them to display the badge properly?

Before that, what is the point of displaying the badge withing the office premises? Security. Excuse me Hope you are not kidding. Badge is hardly the palm size and I just cant think of averting a security situation by making people wear the badge within the premises. [access to restricted areas are already well protected]

Atleast it makes sense checking the badges when people enter the office premises. Did I say atleast? yeah you read it right. Badge just has a picture which approximately resembles the person who carries it and a name in it. How do you confirm, is it the person, the person who really carries it? i.e My Badge may carry my picture and it may say Bill Gates, How do you really know am i bill gates? You dont!

Next, Have you ever thought rather than a person who does not wears a badge within the premises, the person who wears the badge outside the office premises is a potential security situation. Anyone could know the person's name and the organization and any other possible information that is available on the badge. [Some companies almost have the person's resume on the badge].

But What the hell? One should always cultivate a habit of wearing and displaying the ID badges properly. If not how will guys ever come to know the names of girls?

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RamMmm said...

patha vechittayey parattai :-)

Indha URLai companykku anuppiralaam. :-)

// If not how will guys ever come to know the names of girls?

and then get hauled for harassment. :-)