Saturday, November 07, 2009

Malaikallan Pol Oruvan

People say things change, I am a firm believer though things change, certain fundamentals never ever change.

If you don't believe check this video!
To know about the first half of the clip, check here
To know about the second half of the clip, check here
If you want to know is it mere coincidence? then ask him!
if you want to know how i created the clip, check here.

thanks to my tech guru, who provides me with all these kind of tools
Bear with me if at all there are any sync problems


RamMmm said...

Good one. இரா. முருகன் may have been influenced sub-consciously. :-)

You can get the sync up properly by trimming the early portions of audio and moving the resultant stream left. Play around a bit.

zeno said...

Was not sure how to play around. seems this kind of s/w needs more horse power!mine starts cribbing with 1 gb :( More over offline, locally it was [and is]good!