Monday, March 22, 2010

Dreamz @ Desk

Monday Morning.

Alarm rings by Six. You wake up as soon as hearing the alarm, even with out bothering to snooze.

To the wake up call from Mom, You reply, I am all set to start from home.

Dressed formally, with polished shoes and washed socks, you leisurely walk to arrive first at an empty bus stop.

In the bus, rather than dozing off, you keep your window open, feeling the breeze on the face, listening to some peppy song from ipod.

When you reach your cubicle, your colleagues are awed that you have arrived early and looking fresh rather than your usual "straight out of sleep" syndrome.

"All is well" until some one disturbs you out of your dreams, and call for a 'Chai' break!


RamMmm said...

Monday kaarthaala thoongalaama, deskla? :-) Yaen, boss leaveaa?

zeno said...

he said he will be in leave? avar eppa sonna varthaiya kapathi irukar? ;)
BTW i am more of a "Ram" Or "Ravan" dont both type ;)so it doesnt matters he is on leave or not!

Ramesh said...

Well, a dream is a dream is a dream, as long as you don't snore :)

zeno said...

Luckily i don't snore :)