Monday, March 22, 2010

Things Money Can't Buy-3

It was a cosmopoliton, multilingual, multicultural college, i.e more like a mini desi version of New York.

Thanks to Mom and Dad for his master proficiency in Telegu and Kannada respectively. Though he did not know malayalam,this 'Green Tamilan' thinks himself as a resident of true South India Vilas ;)

Inspite of being handicapped at Hindi, the rashtrabasha, save for his 'Multilingual Swearing Capabilities',Very decent jokes, an easy-go attitude, get along with anyone, can converse anything under the sky, very soon he was quite comfortably at home with Ahluwalia to Agarwal,  Batra to Bannerjee, Chatterjee to Chakroborthy,Malhotra to Mehtas, and Singhania to Singh.

Though he prides on his reckless roaring rants, Still jitters hits him, when he wants to talk to the people, whom he thinks as 'Perfect Epitomes of Residents of Venus' and cat really does gets his tongue, when he has an exponentially increasing interest over them!

Telugu Thunderbolt hit him as soon as his eyes saw a girl in his class and the above explained, "can't explain why" phenomenon occured. He started dreaming, "ye maya chesave"

During the first year farewell dinner, he gathers up some courage, [of course well motivated by his friends], thinks that Queen's english is not the lingua franca between them, argues to himself that indeed technically telegu is his mother tongue, since his mother speaks telegu,  goes to the telegu girl, tries to strike a conversation, mumbling few words in telegu.

Telegu girl, clearly confused,promptly  replied in English, "I dont understand what you are talking, Can you tell me which language you are speaking?"

Expressions on his face: Priceless!
From there on, he stopped blowing around his telegu trumpet!

Any resemblance to reality is merely mind playing games over your hallucinated mind


RamMmm said...

I know, I know who this is,
I no, I no, say not!

Ramesh said...

Thought of bashful zeno in the company of "Perfect Epitomes of Residents of Venus" - Priceless !

zeno said...

@Ram Thanks for not saying it aloud :)

@Ramesh Enakke adha nenecha sema comedy a iruku :)

Anonymous said...

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